Ways To Boost The SEO Of Your Site

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Boost The SEO Of Your Site

Guest post by Rianne Hunter

Since the advent of the Internet, a growing number of entrepreneurs have come out of the woodwork to claim their piece of the virtual pie.

However, most fail, because they do not take the steps necessary to achieve sufficient search engine optimization.

By following a few simple steps, anyone with the drive can achieve success in getting more attention on the web, through being found on the first page of Google.

1. Hire a Local Celebrity

So, this idea is a little out of the box, and probably not what you were expecting. Large companies have the capacity and capital to hire celebrities to endorse their products and services.

Unfortunately, new start-ups likely don’t have that capability. However, a great way to gain SEO success is to contact a local celebrity such as a news anchor to endorse you.

They bring with them a large local fan-base that can provide you with numerous hits to your site that will alert the search engines.

2. Keyword Identification

When writing content for your website, you cannot just write whatever comes to mind, especially in the title, which is the first thing Google looks at.

Most of your hits will come from people searching for your product or service on search engines, and they will type in specific words or phrases.

It takes time, but you must research the key words and phrases being used. You can do this on your own using free tools from sites like Google or hire a professional.

It is important that you pick higher traffic keywords that also aren’t too competitive. Keyword analysis is an art that takes time, but you need to do it.

3. Keywords in Titles

Once you have identified your keywords, it is important to place them naturally within your text.

If you are able to do so in context, place them as headers for new paragraphs using html headline formatting. These phrases are important, but be sure not to stuff too many keywords in, you don’t want more than 2-3% keyword density.

4. Teamwork

There are probably sites already offering your product or service. Rather than viewing them as competition, contact them and get them to link to your site.

They already have traffic, and their viewers may look to you for more information. Offering incentives such as a free sample to the website owner is a great way to make this happen.

5. Keep it Fresh

Search engines look for sites that frequently update their material. It is crucial to add fresh material using keywords frequently.

Adding a blog to your page is an easy and efficient way to keep on top of having a steady flow of new content.


Online success is very possible, but the entrepreneur must be prepared to dedicate time and patience toward the project.

With regular updates, lots of research, and networking, you will be on your way toward acquiring the traffic you need.

About The Author

Rianne Hunter is a mother of three from Southern California. She is an aspiring author, part time marketer interested in local search engine optimization and loves spending time being active with her family.

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