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Guest post by Daniel Martin

Get Facebook FansA star is nothing without fans! And this works not only for stars, but also for businesses, persons, profiles and so on. Fans are people that gather around a common link and love the same things.

This is more noticeable in the case of the Facebook fans that show their appreciation by liking a page that provides great interests. On the other hand, the businesses that have a Facebook page active fight in order to get more fans.

Everyone gets a kick from seeing that their work is appreciated by millions of people. It shows that their labor was worth the pain and the cause that they are representing is loved by lots of people.

But taking into account the latest developments in terms of social media strategies, it has become harder to get more Facebook fans without a few tips and tricks that can encourage and stimulate people into liking one’s page.

Especially in the case of businesses, the number of Facebook fans has to be very high in order to spread the news on a larger scale and appeal to a great variety of people. So, don’t be afraid because you are not alone in this!

Here are 10 tips that will help you enlarge your Facebook fans number in a short period of time, with just a bit of effort.

10 tips for getting more Facebook fans

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1. Photos. These are very important because Facebook fans can be engaged, entertained and amused by a great photo. If it is possible, connect it to your brand and the fans will start pouring.

2. Quality. Always, in everything you do, make sure you provide quality. This little thing will take you higher than you have ever thought and people will be very interested in becoming your clients since you are the one that delivers quality. So offer valuable content and information that can engage and attract Facebook fans.

3. Contests. Facebook fans are crazy about contests. Even if you only give away a free membership to something, a book or any small thing, word will spread and your brand will start receiving appreciation (fans, likes, shares and comments) in no time.

4. Mobile. More and more Facebook fans have started using their smart phones in order to browse over the Internet. Optimize your page so that it offers great mobile experience and you will notice that the number of fans will start increasing rapidly.

5. Facebook Button. Don’t you forget about this button or by this matter about any social media method that allows you to share your content. Give fans the opportunity to find you and get in touch with your Facebook page. Do not let them do all the work!

6. Interact. Don’t be miss/mister “I don’t care you are my fans, I’m not talking to you.” If you treat people with indifference (don’t answer their questions, respond to comments, give thanks for appreciation), people will treat YOU with indifference.

7. Updates. Keep your peeps updated with the latest news and posts about your business and not only. Mix it up and add some flavor to your page. People go on Facebook to discover more on everything, not everything about something.

8. E-mail. Use your Facebook link in your e-mail signature. This way, every e-mail that you send out can become an opportunity to add more Facebook fans. The key is to take advantage of every opportunity!

9. Videos. Fun videos with you and your team working hard, or “how to do” tutorials and all sorts of other videos presenting new products will get your Facebook fans to become more interested in what you have to say.

10. Buy. This might be the last tip, but it is definitely an important one. Now you can buy packages with Facebook fans without having to pay gigantic amounts of money, offer personal information or get blocked by Facebook. Everything is safe, fast and easy.

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Daniel Martin works for morefansforyou.com and writes on many topics to do with internet marketing, specifically social media.

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