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Reaching the Top of the Online World

It takes many years for most people to work their way up to the top of the online world. The main reason why most internet marketers or affiliate marketers fail, is they give up, where if they just stuck to a plan, they would surely get there eventually.

What is the plan? For years, I was an article writer on other people’s sites. I wrote one article a day, and built my daily income up to about five dollars a day after one year of writing, then the site I was writing on changed it’s policy, and I lost most of the progress I had made.

The other problem with the way I was doing it was I wasn’t building a list, and the amount of money I made per thousand views was next to nothing really. I got over a million views from the articles I wrote, and how much did that add up to, at a couple of dollars per thousand views? A couple of thousand bucks.

The mistake I had made was simple. I wasn’t building a list, and I wasn’t making sales from targeted, buying keywords. Still, it was a good learning experience, which taught me a lot.

How do you get to the top of the online world? You must take a quick journey, to Professional Social Promotion.

How do You Get to the Top of the Online World?

It doesn’t really matter if you can’t get on the first page of a really popular Google search worldwide for your niche. What you can do, is get on the first page of a hundred specific searches, and build your traffic up to the same amount you would get from that one page.

Apart from Google, don’t forget to build your social following daily, in as many different ways as you can. The idea is, you increase your traffic from the search engines, and social sites, and gradually try to get these people to become subscribers to your mailing list.

Why is a list so important? It just is, it’s the best way, it’s proven, and you can sell a large list of targeted subscribers even if they haven’t bought anything at all for up to $10 per person, and even more, (not that I plan to sell my list to anyone).

The value of a website goes up dramatically if it comes with a large list. That’s pretty much it, that’s what I’ve learned from surfing the webmaster forums, and so you might ask me, how do you build this list most effectively?

You have to offer incredible value. Without sounding like an info-mercial, it has to be like “but wait, you don’t just get that, we’ll throw in these steak knives for free!”

People are slightly hesitant to give away their email address, so you have to entice them with free e-books, training videos, software, or something worth signing up for, and they will sign up.

I hope I’m not stressing too much the importance of building a list, but believe me, I wish I’d started years ago.

How do you get to the top of the world? Well I don't know about that, it seems like there is no top or bottom to me, it's just round, but I can teach you how to get to the top of the online world.

Selling to the Online World

So what do I have to sell you? I have my own social promotion and SEO services, which can get you traffic, social signals, and higher ranking in Google.

I reckon the easiest way for me to get you some traffic at an affordable price would be scheduling tweets to your site on my main account, which has many thousands of followers, or tweeting to all of the ten accounts I have access to through Splitweet.

How much is this worth? I’m not really sure, one tweet gets between ten to a hundred views, so you tell me. You can contact me at [email protected] if you have anything you’d like me to do for you. Take a look through the site for more great advice, and other great social promotion services.

Most of this post is directly copied from a message I just put in my auto-responder for the free internet marketing training course. I think it’s pretty good advice, my next scheduled message will be about making squeeze pages that have a good opt-in conversion rate.

Hopefully this post, and the free internet marketing training you get from the newsletter will teach you how to get to the top of the online world. Thanks for visiting Professional Social Promotion.

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