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On June 14, 2012, in Traffic, by Rowan
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I’ve been working on this site for a bit over a year now, and writing on assorted article writing sites and blogs for a few years before that, and I’ve found that the easiest way to get website traffic is through social media marketing, particularly Twitter.The easiest way to get website traffic

I had a look at the different traffic sources to this site over the time it’s been here, and Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Stumble Upon and You Tube all came up higher as referring sites than Google.

This is mainly because I concentrate my efforts on improving my social connections on those sites, but it’s not because I don’t know anything about SEO.

I’ve been trying to figure out search engine optimization for the past three or four years as well, and just when I think I have it figured out, Google goes and changes their algorithms again.

I no longer know if I’m supposed to make back links to my posts, or if I’m supposed to include a certain amount of keywords in the text.

I have some idea of how to improve the SEO of the site by publishing regularly, and writing a lot of words on a page, but apart from that, I wouldn’t have a clue how Google works, and I don’t really care anymore.

I get about ten hits a day from Google to this site, even after writing hundreds of different blog posts and pages here.

Whereas, if I spend a bit of time tweeting my old blog posts, I can easily get a few hundred unique views to this site from my twenty thousand odd Twitter followers.

I would have to say that the easiest way to get website traffic is definitely through social media, and if you want some help getting a whole bunch of followers or likes or subscribers, or whatever, I can help you with that.

I am a social media marketing manager, and I can tweet for you, get you Google Plus followers, share to your Facebook page, share your site with my social connections, pretty much anything, if you pay me a fair price.

I work for about ten dollars an hour, depending on what you want me to do, and I can guarantee that over time, the investment you put into my social media marketing services will pay off.

To talk to me about the easiest way to get traffic to your website, and how I can help you get customers to your business, send me a message at [email protected].

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