The Best Way To Use Social Media For Marketing

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What is the best way to use social media for marketing, or is that a question with more than one answer?

There are so many different social media sites, and so many different ways to use them, but I think I can explain in this blog post the basics of how to develop a good social media marketing strategy.The Best Way To Use Social Media

To start with, you have to work out if your product or business has a widespread appeal, meaning there is a good chance that at least one percent of the general population would be interested in buying it if they saw it.

If your product does have a widespread appeal, then the best way to use social media for marketing would just be to get as many random people as possible to see your link, page, video, or website.

I find that getting thousands of Twitter followers can be a great easy way to get traffic, but you have to understand that it takes a very large volume of followers to get a small amount of views per tweet.

For example, I have about twenty two thousand followers on my main account, and adding about a hundred a day, and if I tweet something that might interest the general demographic of random people, I could get about ten unique views give or take for that tweet.

Sometimes it’s none, or sometimes I could get lucky and get dozens of clicks on a link I tweet, but then I keep tweeting through the day, and end up getting hundreds of hits to my sites.

I also use Facebook, You Tube, Linked In, Stumble Upon, Yahoo Answers, The Warrior Forum, Google Plus, Pinterest, Digg, and a number of other sites to get social traffic, to varying degrees of success.

The point is, my product has a fairly widespread appeal to internet marketers, who make up a large portion of the demographic of my friends and followers on these sites.

Using Social Media For A Targeted Audience

It can be quite hard to get Twitter followers who are specifically targeted to a product that only interests a small percentage of the population, but it is possible to do.

You can try following people who share your interests, by doing a Twitter search, or by using software like Tweet Attacks, (which I don’t use), and hope they follow back, but that can be time consuming, and may not work at all.

When you are trying to reach a very targeted audience, you really have to use SEO or pay per click advertising to reach them.

SEO is not just search engine optimization on Google, but it’s also important to be at the top of a You Tube search, or a Facebook search.

Nevertheless, Google is the most important search engine to think about. I’ve found that it can be just as easy if not easier to rank a Facebook page for a low to medium competition search if you can get the right title and username for your page, and do some other things, like get lots of likes.

For example, take a look at my most successful Facebook page Affordable Social Media Marketing Services.

While it’s true that the exact match search for that phrase only gets a dozen searches a month, I am ranking first on the first page of Google for that, and close to the top of the first page for related searches, such as affordable social media marketing.

I managed to get the exact match URL for the title, and that helps a lot for SEO when you have, so long as you do a few other things, like update the page regularly, make lots of custom tabs, add photos, get likes on the page, and on your posts.

The same sort of thing is true for You Tube, you have to update your channel with videos regularly, get subscribers, likes, views, and shares, but all in a natural looking way, and then Google might rank your video well.

If you look at a Google search on “God”, there is a Twitter profile on the first page of that search, and that’s a pretty amazing achievement, given how much competition there is for that search.

Social media is a huge part of SEO these days, whether it’s the amount of times people share your website, or the amount of times people like and share your Facebook page. Both can end up highly ranked on a Google search, and one is intricately linked to the other.

Anyway, I specialize in social media marketing, and I can get you followers, likes, views, subscribers, back links, shares, pretty much anything you can think of, at a reasonable price, so send me a message at [email protected] to talk about the best way to use social media for marketing your business.




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