Freelance Presenter Cites Values of Emceeing That Apply to Technical Writing

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Technical WritingSpeaking to a crowd and writing may appear to be two very different activities, but in reality, the values of one skill always spill to the other (and vice-versa).

An in-demand freelance presenter states that the values he upholds in emceeing actually make him the effective technical writer he is, and that a lot of his clients rely on him for both tasks.

In the list below, he cites the most important values of a freelance presenter that he also applies to his job as a technical writer clients regularly turn to in promoting their business.

• Value of adequate preparation – As an emcee, adequate preparation is always required to ensure the smooth flow of a program. It’s imperative that there is as little babble as possible to stay true to the objective of the event and to be consistently relevant. Adequate preparation includes research, outlining of topics, and understanding the interests and preferences of the consumers of content so that the right terminologies are used to ensure proper comprehension and engagement.
• Commitment to bringing value to everyone receiving the information – The Dubai presenter says it’s important to be helpful and useful. When you speak, you want to enlighten your listeners. It’s the same thing with your readers; when you present them written content, you want their understanding and knowledge to increase. Therefore, your focus is on how to bring the best value with your output.
• Value of organisation – The best way to ensure the seamless flow of things is to have everything thoroughly organised. This way, information is easier to consume, and readers and listeners can retain the information you present so much better. Likewise, you’ll be able to maintain the focus of your work and free it from superfluous items.
• Value of wit – Everybody will agree that the best speakers or presenters are the humorous ones. They keep everybody’s spirits up and alert. Wit or humour has the same effect on content; injecting humour into content has the power to increase the engagement of readers, and at the same time, it makes the piece even more relatable and useful. Oftentimes, technical writing can be too dry and straightforward; therefore, it takes people a much longer time to fully absorb the essence of the message being shared. By adding the “joy” element and infusing personality into your work, the overall experience is enhanced — the written content automatically becomes a delight to consume.

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Do You Have To Keep Writing To Make Money Online?

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Writing to make money onlineThis question pretty much answers itself, because what am I doing, I’m writing, and what are you doing, you’re reading it.

The title of this post is not an exact match search phrase, and I’m not even going to try to build back links to this page beyond making a few social bookmarking links and social shares.

The reason why this post may work to get traffic is that I can imagine thousands of people at some point typing in this phrase or a similar phrase due to the fact that it is fairly necessary to write a lot to make money online, unless you pay someone else to do it.

You might think you could make money through a pay per click advertising campaign, signing people up to an email list which then continually sells them Clickbank products, but think of how many words is required in that.

You have to write the ad, then you have to write the sales copy on the squeeze page with the subscription form and then you have to write one email with really good sales copy every day in order to makes sales to the list.

I’m not much of a list person myself, as you can see I don’t have one, and I prefer to make a sale and get a return customer because I did my job well.

What gets me more and more sales every day is that I try to write at least one blog post, guest post or article on some other site every day, and if I’m not doing that, it’s only because I’m too busy with the work I got from doing that.

It’s not hard to maintain a blog with one post a day, but through the use of allowing people to guest post on my blogs, I’m actually maintaining multiple blogs, posting something on them at least once a week so they don’t look too stale and abandoned.

That’s where people go wrong online, whether it’s in SEO, or pay per click, or running a list, you have to know what you’re talking about, and you have to enjoy writing about what you’re talking about in order to be able to maintain a blog or maintain your efforts as an every day thing for years, perhaps the rest of your life.

Where People Go Wrong With Trying To Make Money Online

If you want to be making money from the sale of diamond dog collars, you have to at least have an interest in writing about dogs, or be lucky enough to make a continuous profit from Adwords, or it just won’t work.

That was just an example, I don’t really believe that you can make a continuous profit through the affiliate sales of dog collars through Adsense, in fact you will almost surely lose money.

The reason is, not many people are searching for that, or even if they were, they might be hesitant about buying diamonds online, or that’s my assessment of that idea, is that it probably wouldn’t work, but you can bet someone is trying to make it work right now.

There is probably dozens of people trying to rank for that search, just to catch the one or two a month who will fork out for a ten thousand dollar studded gold bracelet for their poodle.

Anyway, I think I’ve made my point, I can help you with all of those sorts of things, take a look at the social media marketing articles in the top menu, and send me a message to ask me for my help with coaching, or buying the services and products you will need to succeed online. My email is in the sidebar.