Hiring Professional English Speaking Writers From The US

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hiring professional US writersI’m trying to find some professional native English speaking US writers, or at least one writer who will work for a reasonable price writing articles as back links.

I could take a look on the Warrior Forum, or in the Linked In group for freelance writers, but I already did that, and some of those guys were asking for a bit too much for my budget requirements.

I need someone who can write original, high quality, 400 word articles on any subject, for example, my first SEO campaign which is still going, the site is selling skin whitening cream.

It’s a matter of saying the same things over and over again, in a different way, so that the content is completely unique, and then I arrange the articles on different sites in a link pyramid.

I’m looking for a US writer who can make accounts on, or has already joined eHow, The Guardian, The Examiner, and other US only article writing sites, as I can’t join those sites myself, as I’m in Australia.

That would in particular be of high value to me, somebody who had access to sites that I could not publish on, as it’s good for SEO to have back links from all over the place, particularly from high authority sites like eHow.

How Much Will I Pay You To Write?

In terms of payment, I can pay about ten dollars an article for something like that, an original, high quality informative article published on eHow, (or an equivalent site), with a title that had some exact match search volume, and a do follow link to the site I wanted the link to from relevant link text.

I might even go as high as fifteen dollars an article, if the job was done really well, with a good understanding of SEO and an article that encouraged click throughs to the site to buy the product.

In order to rank a site these days, you need high quality, original, well written content, and there’s no point in just having it look well written to Google, it has to read well to the readers, and encourage sales.

I will want these articles to be ranking on Google for phrases with a decent amount of search volume, and basically, if it doesn’t do the job of ranking, making the target site rank, and making daily sales, then I can’t continue to offer money for the writing.

I have to make a return on investment, which is getting harder to do these days with all the algorithm updates on Google. I need someone who understands what Panda and Penguin actually mean, and if you are a professional writer, you should know what I’m talking about.

If you write articles that lead to sites ranking that then brings money back in, then that money can be put back into paying you more money to write more articles, if that makes sense. I’m personally making thirty dollars a day online so far, so it won’t be a huge workload to start with, unless I get another client who wants $300 worth of SEO in a month.

I expect that will happen, as I’m talking to three or four people about their sites every day, so I’m writing this article to find the people I will need to do the things I’m going to do in the future, which will require professional English speaking writers from the US, who work for a reasonable price. Does that make sense?

Send me an email if you’re interested in getting paid to write, but only if you are a US citizen, native English speaking writer who is prepared to work for about ten to fifteen US dollars an hour, if you can write fast.

My email is in the sidebar, send me some samples of your work, and if I like them, I’ll ask you to write something for me. I pay direct to your Pay Pal account.


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