How Do You Get Traffic From Twitter?

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There are many different ways to use Twitter, but it basically breaks down to two main ways involving targeted, and un-targeted followers and tweets.

If you want to get targeted Twitter followers, it’s a painstaking process of following people that seem to be interested in the subject matter you are, and hoping they follow you back. How To Get Traffic From Twitter

You might include your Twitter profile link on your website, and hope that people follow you from there, but if you aren’t getting a lot of traffic from Google for the blog posts, that won’t help much.

Then, you tweet about something that might interest those people, and hope they click on the links. I tried this approach very briefly, and found it to be ineffective for the amount of time it took to do.

My niche just happens to be social media marketing, internet marketing and SEO, and all of the things associated with websites and computers, so I found it very easy to get random followers who were actually targeted to what I was tweeting about on sites like Twiends.

This is because everyone on Twiends is trying to promote something online, usually a website, and because I can get Twitter followers for people, (for one cent each), through Twiends, I am actually targeting the exact audience I want to target by getting random followers from there.

I also get Twitter followers from sites like You Like Hits and Add Me Fast, where I can also get Facebook page likes, Google Plus followers, You Tube views, Pinterest followers, Digg followers, subscribers, hits, and more.

I offer my services for about four times less than what it would cost to buy the amount of points on those sites to get the same amount of followers or likes, and I can pretty much get you anything you want for a reasonable price.

Getting back to how you get traffic from Twitter. Twitter has been my main source of traffic to this site, and I can get hundreds of unique views a day by tweeting often through the day at different times, and by tweeting messages that have a widespread appeal to the demographic of my followers.

For example, I might tweet: get cheap Twitter followers or Facebook page likes, and then the link to the payment page or the home page of this site.

I have about twenty thousand followers, so I can get at least a few clicks on almost anything I tweet, particularly if it has to do with internet marketing, although it works with any subject with a widespread appeal.

If you would like to talk to me about getting you some cheap followers or likes, or about managing your social media marketing campaign, or about anything to do with internet marketing, send me a message at [email protected] and I’m sure I can help.

How To Drive Traffic To Any Page From A Facebook Page

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This is a pretty simple but effective little trick I picked up for free on how to drive traffic to any page from a Facebook page, whether it be an affiliate link, a pay per action link, or your own site.

All you have to do to get a custom tab on your page that redirects people to any page you want is go to Just Redirect, a free app on Facebook, and choose the page you want the app on.

I think it’s free for as many different pages as you want, and you can call the app anything, on a page with whatever name you want, post it on Facebook, and when they click on it, it redirects them to whatever page you want them to go to.

Take a look at this page I made as an example: Writing For Profit On The Net|Make Money Now|Facebook.

This is just a crappy old page I made years ago when I was writing articles on Bukisa, but it redirects you to a You Tube video that I’m trying to promote at the moment.

I have another Just Redirect custom tab on my main Facebook page Social Promotion Services. That one takes you to the home page of this site.

Drive Traffic To Any Page From Facebook

Now once you’ve figured out what sort of page you want to make, and how to get people to click on the redirect tab so they go to the page that makes you money, you will probably want to rename the tab, which you can do by editing the page, and going to apps.

There, you edit the app, and give the tab any name you want. The possibilities are endless, it could be something like free stuff, make money now, save 80%, or whatever you think will work.

It’s a little devious to name the tab something that isn’t really what they are going to get when they get there, but if your goal is just to have them go to the page, then you can use your imagination to think of hundreds of different ways to get them to click on it.

The idea is to make a viral page with tens of thousands of users, and to start with, you’ll probably want to get facebook page likes.

I can get you 250 for ten dollars, and an unlimited amount of them. I can also help you promote your page with my own social connections, help you set up a social media marketing campaign where other people are paid to share or tweet your site, or I get you your own Twitter followers, Google Plus connections, You Tube subscribers, or pretty much anything you want.

Just send me a message at [email protected] to talk about how to use social media to drive traffic to any page.

Get traffic from your Facebook page to any page.


How To Get Cheap Traffic Quickly

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What I am talking about in this post is how to get cheap traffic to your website quickly, through a range of different internet marketing methods.

Obviously the fastest way to get traffic to your site is with pay per click advertising on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, although this usually costs around a dollar per click, which is quite expensive, if that traffic does not turn you a profit.

The next best way, (if you can do it), is to get on the first page of a Google search, whether it’s on the first page of a really popular search, or on a lot of different specific searches to do with your niche.

SEO and PPC have been done to death in my opinion. It’s still possible to get cheap traffic to your site through these methods, but there is so much competition that you will often end up losing money as fast as you make it.

Social media marketing is probably the best way to get cheap traffic to your site quickly, and I’ll tell you how I do it.

How I Get Cheap Traffic Quickly

My number one way of getting traffic to my site is from my Twitter followers. I get Twitter followers from Twiends, and then I tweet throughout the day to them.

You need thousands of followers for this to work effectively, as they are bought followers, and they are themselves probably following thousands of people.

It is only through sheer volume that this works at all, and it is possible to get over a thousand followers a week on Twiends.

This can take a lot of work to do, and that’s why I offer this service on Professional Social Promotion.

I will get you 1,000 Twitter followers for ten dollars, which takes many hours of work over about a week, including un-following those not following back.

You can order this service on the payment page: Get Twitter Followers Cheap.

The next best way to get traffic quickly in my opinion is Linked In. You simply join lots of groups, and share your pages (responsibly), with the thousands of people in those groups.

I like using StumbleUpon, it takes a little work, but you can get a lot of traffic on pages with a widespread appeal. The idea is you vote up the pages that people share with your toolbar, and in return they vote up yours.

I get some traffic from Google Plus, although it’s a little too early to say whether this works better or worse, and I get a little bit of traffic from my Facebook friends and my Facebook page.

I have not spent a lot of time working on Facebook, although a Facebook page is a good thing to have for many reasons including SEO, extra traffic, and social proof.

I also sell Facebook page likes for about four cents each, the payment page is: Get Facebook Page Likes.

I get some traffic from Google, although my main source of traffic is social media marketing. In my opinion, it’s the quickest, cheapest, most effective way to get traffic to your site.

If you would like me to give you some advice on how to get cheap traffic to your site quickly, and how to make a return on investment, send me a message at [email protected]

How to get quick, cheap traffic to your site.

How To Get Traffic Without SEO

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If you are having trouble getting on the first page of Google, you may want to know how to get traffic without using SEO. Search engine optimization is definitely the best way to get a lot of long-term traffic, provided you know what you are doing.

From all predictions, Google is moving towards only showing big businesses on the first page of the most profitable niches, and unless you have the money to pay a top quality SEO company to make you look like a big business, then you may need to think about alternative ways to generate traffic to your site.

The obvious second choice is Facebook, or rather social marketing as a whole. People spend more time on Facebook than the next three most visited sites combined. They aren’t necessarily there to look at ads, but if you develop your products right from the start based on the market, rather than the keywords you can compete for, then you will have a winning plan for social promotion.

Social marketing is easy to do, if you know how.








Traffic Without SEO

What is the easiest way to get traffic from social sites? Well, you can buy software that automatically follows people, and then un-follows those that aren’t following back on Twitter, or you can simply buy Twitter followers for less than a cent each, right here on Professional Social Promotion.

You can also buy Facebook page likes for less than five cents each, among other things, check out the home page for more details.

Now the benefit with social promotion, is that you don’t have to worry about keywords. It makes no difference what you are trying to sell, as to how much you pay for an ad on Facebook Ads, or how many Twitter followers you can buy, or whatever.

You have to have something that appeals to the general population of business website owners, or regular people that are going to be looking at your shares.

You could go after any market you want, like the make money niche, or the weight loss niche. You could try video games, dating, you get the idea. When you’re not worried about SEO, you can focus on whatever will result in the most amount of sales to regular people, and give you the highest return on investment.

As an example, I saw a Clickbank product that was Forex software that had an average re-bill sale of $1,000. Not that everyone is interested in that, but the profit makes it well worth the money you spend on buying social connections and shares.

It’s cheaper than Google Adwords by a long way, you just have to understand how to appeal to regular people. If you are trying to sell insurance, then maybe social media isn’t for you, and you should try SEO or pay per click advertising.

I hope that explains how to get traffic without SEO, it’s a different market, requiring a different mindset to the keyword-based one that people have for Google. You can compete for any niche you want, so it’s about picking the best one. If you would like to talk about how to get traffic to your site, send me a message at [email protected]

SEO is overrated, and social promotion is a good alternative.

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