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These social media tools have helped me a lot to increase my friends, followers, and likes on different sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The number one free social media tool for getting traffic to your site is Twiends. Here, you can increase your Twitter followers by hundreds in one day, especially if you have a new account.

You can buy seeds, but it’s just as easy to follow people for seeds, and these are worth followers of your own.

Once you reach a certain number of people that you are following, you will have to get rid of some of them, and for this, I use the last page of the flush tool on Tweepi, to un-follow those that I’ve been following the longest, that aren’t following back.

You can only follow about ten percent more than are following you, once you reach about the two thousand mark.

I schedule tweets with Twaitter, and this lets me tweet to my followers all through the day. It is a good idea to click on a few of the tweets people send you, or else the whole thing will just fall apart.

These are the best social media tools you can get.






More Social Media Tools

I also like using a relatively new site called You Like Hits to get Facebook page likes, You Tube views, StumbleUpon followers, MySpace friends, etc.

You can follow someone on Twitter to get a website view, or like a Facebook page to get a Digg follower. You get the idea.

Twiends used to work in a similar way to that, and it was so much more effective then, it’s a shame Facebook pulled out.

As far as managing your shares to your friends and followers on different accounts, the best social media tools for that are Splitweet, Hootsuite, and perhaps Ping FM.

I mainly only use Splitweet, cause I have multiple Twitter accounts to manage, and that’s where I get ninety percent of my traffic from social media sites.

I hope you found these social media tools helpful, and if you want to learn more, sign up to the newsletter, or check out the home page.

These are the greatest social media tools you will find.



Twitter Tools For Website Promotion

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Here is a short list of the best Twitter Tools for website promotion and business. Basically, these tools are designed to help you get lots of Twitter followers quickly.


This is a great site to get lots of Twitter followers quickly, particularly if you’re starting out from the beginning.

Once you get up to the two thousand followers mark, it can be hard to keep adding Twitter followers at the same rate, because you need to have more following you that you are following.


Tweepi is a great site for managing your Twitter followers. You just log in, go to the flush tool, and I usually start on the last page, which is the people who I have been following for the longest time that aren’t following back.

You have to be a little bit careful how many you unfollow, particularly with a new account, but somewhere around a hundred a day is OK, or it should be.


Twaitter is good for scheduling tweets on, you can set the amount of times you want them recurring for, every day, or every week, or whatever.

You have a limit of ten an hour, over 24 hours of the day, and you can’t send the same tweet more than once every six hours, I think.

You can get around that by changing the wording of the message, and having the same link, but realistically, you will probably reach most of the people who were going to click on it within a few months if you just do it a couple of times a day.

It may not be a good idea to go overboard, as Twitter doesn’t like spam, even though that’s what a large percentage of their users use Twitter for.

I don’t really think of it as spam, just a different sort of human based search engine. You get to see the messages of the people who are working the hardest to get their message across to you.

If they care enough to put it on your Twitter feed again and again, then they obviously think it’s worthwhile.

In the past, that’s how the Google search engine worked. You paid for enough back links, and worked hard enough on that, and you were on the first page. Now, Google is harder to trick, and even experienced SEO experts are having trouble figuring out how it works.

Apart from these other sites, there is one more Twitter tool for website promotion that you should know about, and that is this one, Professional Social Promotion. We offer a number of services like scheduled tweeting to our followers, so you don’t have to spend hours doing it all yourself.

Twitter tools can help you with your business.

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