Social Marketing Services

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Professional Social Promotion can offer you the best value social marketing services you will find anywhere online.

We offer a number of services such as scheduled tweeting to our thousands of followers. In this one, you pay a dollar a day, and get four daily scheduled tweeting spots on our main account caseyman28, which is growing at a rate of about two hundred followers a day.

You can change the messages at any time by contacting me, and most of the money goes back into getting more followers, so the more subscribers there are, the better value it becomes.

You can pay over a dollar a day, (or work for hours) on Twiends to get a fraction of that amount of followers, and it will not benefit you much, if you’re not making tons of new pages that you want to tweet.

One of the other social marketing services we offer that has the most value is Facebook page likes. This is a very simple service, you pay ten bucks, and get over two hundred likes.

Facebook page likes are good because they increase the ranking on Google of your page, and you can send a message to all the people who like your page, and they see the posts to the wall of your page in their news feed.

What are the best social marketing services?







Social Marketing Services

I could go on about the social marketing services we offer here like You Tube views, clicks on social share buttons on your site like Google plus one, article writing, etc, but I talk about all of that on the home page, and also in my newsletter, where I teach you how to do it all yourself, so sign up to that to get my free e-book, and learn everything I know, as I continue to learn it.

If you want to buy any of these social marketing services, or anything that you could think of, SEO work, help building a site, making a You Tube video, making a Facebook page etc, at a very affordable price, send me a message at [email protected]

Social marketing is the best promotion method of your site.

Social Promotion Services

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Here are a few social promotion services that you might like to use to get you more traffic to your site.

Professional Social Promotion

This site you are already on of course, and it provides a number of services like tweeting, likes, You Tube views, article writing, stumbling, and more.

Basically, I offer to do anything that will make me money, and that I can do easily. I can set up a social promotion campaign for you using a number of different methods such as micro job sites, (a couple listed below).

I can help you get your Facebook Ads campaign set up, with the right targeting features, split-testing for the best click-through rate.

I can make a simple You Tube video for you, and promote it to get lots of views, for as little as five cents each.

I can basically take care of the entire job of getting cheap traffic to your site, so long as you make it worth my while to do, and I don’t ask for much in terms of payment.

Social promotion services for sale cheap.









Other Social Promotion Services

I’m not going to go into the other social promotion services you can use too much, as they’re my competition, and some of them I use to outsource the work I do on this site, but here is a short list of the sites that I sometimes use.


This site lets you offer a price to the workers on the site, who do micro jobs like tweeting, liking, stumbling, You Tube comments, forum posting, even article writing.


Similar site, you can offer a certain amount of money for the members to do pretty much anything.

Sponsored Tweets

Set a price that you are willing to pay to get a click on a tweet, as low as one cent, and people will tweet your message.

I know of dozens of sites like this where I can get you cheap traffic for a lot lower cost per click than you are likely to get on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or any of the usual methods.

SEO may or may not work, so you are better off contacting me to see what I can do to get you some really cheap traffic through my social promotion services. [email protected]

Check out my social promotion services.

Professional Social Marketing Services

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Social Marketing Services

Professional Social Promotion provides a great range of professional social marketing services including getting hundreds of Facebook page likes, sharing on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and a whole range of different social bookmarking sites.

We can make you a You Tube video, write articles with good SEO, help you set up an advertising campaign, or do a combination of all of these things to promote your site on the largest and most visited sites online.

Apart from the paid services like scheduled tweeting, and social sharing, you can also learn to do all of the same things yourself, by signing up to the newsletter. Here, you get world-class internet marketing training on all aspects of building a professional website, getting the keyword density and on-page optimization right, and learning how to do social marketing effectively.

The series of e-books and training videos you get when you subscribe teach you how to build a list of targeted subscribers, how to build trust by offering value, and sell quality products, which provide solutions to the problems and needs they have, so they become repeat customers.

List building is recognized as one of the most important things you can do if you want to become successful online. If you prefer, you can build a list of people on social networks, but it’s not until you actually have their email addresses, and have them looking out for your emails for the value you offer, that you have any real success.

So Should You Buy or do Your Own Social Marketing?

It took me two years of working every day to get the amount of social followers I have on a number of different sites. It may take you just as long, although the things I’ve learned over that time may be able to save you some time, if you want to try to build up the connections and knowledge needed to do your own social marketing.

However, if you don’t have the money to buy the social marketing services available on this site, I will teach you everything I know about how to do You Tube marketing, make Facebook pages, build your social lists at a rate of hundreds of people a day, and how to convert the traffic you get from these connections into sales of a product or service, over and over again.

I would suggest that no matter whether you plan to buy one of the services on the home page or not, you should still sign up to the newsletter to learn everything I know about SEO, social marketing, and how to make money online. Get in touch with me at [email protected] to talk about it.

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