How To Increase Your Online Presence

Guest post by Simon Campbell

Many start-ups on the web are under the impression that their sites will be out there in the proverbial ether as soon as they construct them.

They believe that branding is all about construction. This leaves no mystery to why so many new start-ups end up failing quickly.

The fact of the matter is that it’s hard work to increase your online presence. And failing to spread your brand around will equate to business failure. There’s really no other way to say it.

By marketing on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, you can build a larger online presence and reap the benefits of a popular brand.

Tips for Boosting Your Online Presence

1: Engagement

Engaging on social sites like Facebook means more than having people shoot you a thumbs-up. That’s part of it, and you’ll always want people to Like your material.

But, you also want people to comment on your posts, to share them, and to spread the word about your page to their friends. This requires material that’s engaging.

Pertinent material designed for your udience that’s fun, intriguing, and that plays to the context of social media – this is what you’re after.

Think about polls, questions and quizzes; memes, photos and infographics; video clips and other multimedia.

Take your material to the next level while ensuring quality.

2: Be Personal

A lot of brands decide on being very one-sided, expecting people to engage with them but then not returning the favor.

Avoid this by being personal with people. As you grow in size, this is going to be harder to do.

When just starting out, though, you should have no problem responding directly to people as they respond to you.

You could also create Facebook posts to specifically thank people for their engagement, to answer questions, to inform them of new updates, etc.

3: Create Good Visuals

Did you recently hold some type of event with your business? Take a lot of photos and/or videos and post them.

Give people a view through the window; let them look at what’s going on. Think about being visual with a lot of your content. Create engaging posts that illustrate what you’re about.

You can go the Dollar Shave Club route and create a web commercial in the hopes it goes viral and even ends up on TV in heavy rotation. There’s a lot you can do here with a little imagination.

4: Construct a Network

So, you have your main business website. That’s a given. And you branch out to Facebook to brand.

Things are starting to move forward. Now what do you do? Any smart marketer hoping to increase their brand presence is going to tie these networks together.

Their main site, Facebook, blogs, Twitter, YouTube, etc. You want to interlink these networks and make sure you’re driving traffic back and forth, to and from. Each different site has the potential to help you build a stronger network.

5: Advertise

While it is true that you can organically build a good-sized audience, paid advertisements simply reach more people.

Especially on a site like Facebook where you want to be in as many News Feeds as possible, various ad formats help you achieve this goal.

Using third-party ad-management software, you can efficiently create material, target an audience, and launch while monitoring your results.

If the idea is to boost your presence, then spending the time and money necessary is one of the best ways to achieve this, bar none.

Having a larger presence is essential to your success as a brand. Regardless of the niche you’re in, you will undoubtedly come across ample competition. Use the presence-boosting tips listed above to help you expand in cyberspace.

About The Author

Simon Campbell is a writer from a new Facebook Ad campaign management tool: Qwaya. He writes about many different topics to do with social media and internet marketing.

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