How To Increase Your Online Presence

Guest post by Simon Campbell

Many start-ups on the web are under the impression that their sites will be out there in the proverbial ether as soon as they construct them.

They believe that branding is all about construction. This leaves no mystery to why so many new start-ups end up failing quickly.

The fact of the matter is that it’s hard work to increase your online presence. And failing to spread your brand around will equate to business failure. There’s really no other way to say it.

By marketing on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, you can build a larger online presence and reap the benefits of a popular brand.

Tips for Boosting Your Online Presence

1: Engagement

Engaging on social sites like Facebook means more than having people shoot you a thumbs-up. That’s part of it, and you’ll always want people to Like your material.

But, you also want people to comment on your posts, to share them, and to spread the word about your page to their friends. This requires material that’s engaging.

Pertinent material designed for your udience that’s fun, intriguing, and that plays to the context of social media – this is what you’re after.

Think about polls, questions and quizzes; memes, photos and infographics; video clips and other multimedia.

Take your material to the next level while ensuring quality.

2: Be Personal

A lot of brands decide on being very one-sided, expecting people to engage with them but then not returning the favor.

Avoid this by being personal with people. As you grow in size, this is going to be harder to do.

When just starting out, though, you should have no problem responding directly to people as they respond to you.

You could also create Facebook posts to specifically thank people for their engagement, to answer questions, to inform them of new updates, etc.

3: Create Good Visuals

Did you recently hold some type of event with your business? Take a lot of photos and/or videos and post them.

Give people a view through the window; let them look at what’s going on. Think about being visual with a lot of your content. Create engaging posts that illustrate what you’re about.

You can go the Dollar Shave Club route and create a web commercial in the hopes it goes viral and even ends up on TV in heavy rotation. There’s a lot you can do here with a little imagination.

4: Construct a Network

So, you have your main business website. That’s a given. And you branch out to Facebook to brand.

Things are starting to move forward. Now what do you do? Any smart marketer hoping to increase their brand presence is going to tie these networks together.

Their main site, Facebook, blogs, Twitter, YouTube, etc. You want to interlink these networks and make sure you’re driving traffic back and forth, to and from. Each different site has the potential to help you build a stronger network.

5: Advertise

While it is true that you can organically build a good-sized audience, paid advertisements simply reach more people.

Especially on a site like Facebook where you want to be in as many News Feeds as possible, various ad formats help you achieve this goal.

Using third-party ad-management software, you can efficiently create material, target an audience, and launch while monitoring your results.

If the idea is to boost your presence, then spending the time and money necessary is one of the best ways to achieve this, bar none.

Having a larger presence is essential to your success as a brand. Regardless of the niche you’re in, you will undoubtedly come across ample competition. Use the presence-boosting tips listed above to help you expand in cyberspace.

About The Author

Simon Campbell is a writer from a new Facebook Ad campaign management tool: Qwaya. He writes about many different topics to do with social media and internet marketing.

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How To Build A Successful Online Business

On April 25, 2013, in Business, by Rowan

So how do you build a successful business online, and how do you make the most money in the fastest way possible?

Successful Online BusinessIf you listen to some internet marketing gurus, you might get taught that the fastest way is to build an email list of targeted subscribers.

There is nothing wrong with this strategy, in fact it’s a proven business model that has made many people millionaires, it’s just a matter of doing it in the right way, and it’s not easy, no matter what anyone says.

In the early days of the internet, it was easy to dominate a niche, and to get targeted clicks for a cent each, from ads, solo ads to other people’s lists, and other things.

It’s no longer that easy, as there is a lot more competition, and so the average targeted click is now worth about twenty cents to a dollar, or even more.

What people often find with building a list is that they have to pay a lot of money in advertising and promotion to build it quickly enough to just pay for the Aweber monthly fee, website hosting and the domain name and all of that.

I’m not a big fan of spending thousands of dollars before you even know if you’re going to make a return on your investment, because I never had thousands of dollars to risk.

How To Build A List Without Risking Your House

You can try doing SEO on a squeeze page or sales page, but SEO usually requires you have a full website with a blog and many pages of high quality content on your site, and that you have back links pointed back at your site from other domains.

I just had my subscriber form in a sidebar widget on this site, and as you can see, it’s no longer there, because I only got fifty subscribers.

The problem I had was that it was too slow for me, I didn’t have the money to spend on a paid advertising campaign that I suspected wouldn’t make a profit, and I didn’t like what I had to do to make money out of my list.

For example, I could either tell people over and over again to contact me for one or other of my many services, or I could send them out my blog posts, or I could promote other people’s stuff.

When you put Clickbank products in your emails to your list, you kind of know that you’ve run out of anything quality to send them.

You can send out affiliate links like Aweber clicks or WSOs from the Warrior Forum, or you could try Amazon products if you’re in that niche, or maybe sell solo ads, or CPA offers.

Why I Stopped Building A List And Started Doing Other Things

For me, I felt like a sell out doing any of those things, and it didn’t make me look like I had integrity, and I didn’t feel like I had integrity, selling products that I’ve never tried.

They could be scams, rip offs, or just really annoying, and I wouldn’t have the time or money to test them all out, and so couldn’t be sure.

My friend is just about to start building his list, and he has a bit better idea, he’s got a front end product worth two hundred dollars but he’s selling it for twenty, and it’s really worth the price.

He’s got this WordPress theme that allow you to make all sorts of sales pages and squeeze pages and e-books that explain how to do everything, and it all seems good in theory.

You sell a good product to people, and create a buyer’s list, making back enough money to cover the immediate costs of buying traffic.

The thing is, does it work in practice? Well, stay tuned to this blog to find out the answer.

You can subscribe to my RSS feed, or you can find it if you like one or more of my Facebook pages, follow me on Twitter, (from the sidebar), or just come back to the site in a week or a month.

By the time you read this, it could be years later, so why not just send me an email and ask me how I can help you build a list, a social following, Google rankings, and all the thing you need to create a successful online business.

My email address is in the sidebar, I personally find it easier talking to people one on one through email, rather than sending out automated messages. Get in touch, I can help you with all of these things and more.


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Why Some Businesses Succeed Online

On January 22, 2013, in Internet marketing, by Rowan

How Businesses Succeed Online

Guest post by Randolf John Burton

The way how things run in the business sector nowadays has changed. A simple business’ promotion may have started from “word of mouth”.

Then going to flyer distributions and mobile text messaging, then radio or news print advertisement, and finally progressing to television marketing.

However, with the birth of so many technological innovations – especially with the viral world wide web applications and mobile technologies,business competition goes to a higher level.

In our daily lives, we are facing 1.5 billion pieces of content – whether in printed form, softcopy, or web-based. With this, businessmen have to exert great efforts in succeeding over their competitors. Some end up with triumph, some don’t.

One great factor lies in the ability of the company to adapt and take advantage of technological advancements, especially those that are related to the renowned world wide web. One good instance would be infographics marketing.

Infographics are graphic visual representations of data intended to present complex information or data in a clear and brief manner. They are the chosen marketing media of successful businesses due to the following factors:

  • They are attractive – Infographics is a combination of the best texts, images, and design that comes in various colors, shapes, or graphs. Usually, people read further on things that initially calls their attention.

  • They are precise and organized – People prefer to know all the information they need from a one-page presentation with only the key points being illustrated, rather than reading a very long document and picking the key points themselves along the line.

  • With interaction – Most of the businesses nowadays are creating interactive graphics which enables users to click through text or image links to open further information on a different interface. Taking readers through a series of slides will help keep them engaged, learning, and satisfied. Thus, potentially leading to an established business reputation and more sales.

  • They are shareable and accessible – A survey of 600 small business owners across the United States indicates that 90% are actively engaged in social networking sites. Because of their visually-appealing and informative feature, infographics are greatly shared in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. They also comes with HTML-embed code which can link back to your business’ website.

A well-presented infographics or information graphics creates professional and trusted impression. In the online marketing arena, this could greatly help boost a business’ online presence or authority, as well as traffic which may be converted to valuable sales.

Author Bio:

Randolf John Burton is a marketing specialist who is keen in identifying problems and ideal strategies in having productive online business. He currently works for a website which provides awesome infographic submissions which keep its readers well-informed and entertained at the same time.


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Online Business Marketing

On January 10, 2013, in Marketing, by Rowan

Online Business

Guest post by Alex Smith

Exploding business growth is the result of maximum productivity, thorough visibility and high business performance. These can be achieved through continuous development, strategic thinking and the adoption of new online and offline techniques.

Today, businesses are facing difficulties to manage business elements systematically for well defined growth. In order to become a successful entrepreneur you need to think in a realistic way and take viable actions on different platforms to support business activities and internet marketing efforts.

Today, it is the high time for businesses to embrace new social, SEO, and SEM strategies and technologies to encompass success. Today’s, online marketing solutions are bringing together the best-of-breed techniques that help businesses to grow profusely.

A lot of people have this understanding that using social, SEO, and SEM techniques are good for small as well as medium scale businesses. These techniques help in the most challenging and grueling market environment.

Marketing A Business Online

It is good to undertake online marketing practices seriously and launch a strategic program accordingly. That is why it is necessary that you leverage these integral and online business solutions to remain competitive in your niche.

One of the major and challenging steps is to find a suitable keyword that best suits your product or service or brand. It helps in targeting the right customers at the right time. It helps to catch targeted customers in no time, It also helps you to optimize your website and explain descriptions for your online promotion.

Here the description will be based on your final set of keywords. This is why it is vital to do keyword research in the beginning of the marketing activities.

After knowing the exact set of keywords for your business, you need to carryout extensive research and analysis. It helps you to determine your exact competitors.

By analyzing, accessing and assessing your competitor, you will be able to know what actions need to be performed to beat them in near future. This will give you proper and invaluable insights about your competitors.

Then comes the phase of optimization for your business website! Whether the website is of ecommerce or a general website you need to optimize it thoroughly. Optimization may include link building, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, article writing, distribution, press release writing, etc.

It should also include social marketing. You need to integrate social icons on your website so that the same content gets updated on social websites also. It not only brings visitors to your website, but also helps to get good search rankings.

It will empower & energize your online business and turbo-charge its growth rate. It will help your business to get new visitors, returning visitors and establish market reputation over time.

About Author

Alex Smith is a ghost writer, contributing in search engine optimization, internet marketing, social media optimization, article writing and publishing, online reputation management etc, to help clients getting high rank and generate only targeted traffic from genuine sources.

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