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Social is a word that describes the interactions between people in a friendly way, you might describe someone as being social if they have a lot of friends, and go out a lot.

Here at Professional Social Promotion, we have a lot of friends, on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Not only that, but we have access to social accounts all around the world, where you can get traffic to your site for a few cents a click, which is the cheapest possible advertising you could possibly do.

Why did I call this blog post social? Perhaps you may think that it is a hard keyword to compete with in Google, but according to the keyword tool, there is not much competition at all for this exact word.

Anyway, I’m not talking about search engine optimization, I’m talking about social media optimization, or SMO.

Social Media Optimization is the distribution of your site or link across many different social media accounts.









Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is a new concept, which is about the distribution of your site across social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, to name just a few.

The amount of traffic this can generate is comparable to Google, as there are just as many regular visitors to Facebook as there are to Google, and the people who have control over what appears in their news feeds come from all over the world.

For example, there are people in India and the Philippines who spend all day getting Twitter followers, making friends on Facebook, and StumbleUpon, so they can get paid for getting traffic to a site.

We have access to many different sites where you can get cheap social traffic, and we work as a middleman to set you up with the most affordable and effective social marketing campaign possible. Get in contact via the home page.

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