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This gig is a one time social sharing to all my connections on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Google Plus. I can also get other people to share or tweet your site, get in contact to discuss the details.

Social marketing is about appealing to the masses, so if the majority of people don’t have an interest in the subject of the site, it might not work so well, or other things might work better, like SEO or PPC.

I have gotten most of the traffic this site has received from Twitter and tweeting, and my main account has over thirty thousand followers.

StumbleUpon is a great site for sharing pages with widespread appeal, I have at least twenty people out of my three hundred followers who accept shares to their toolbar, and vote up anything I send them.

These votes allow you to get into the random search on a topic, and there are hundreds of thousands of people who surf the site to stumble across good pages. If they like it, they vote it up too, and it gets seen more often in that category.

Some categories are more popular than others, for example: humor, bizzare/oddities, and recipes, although there are many other topics which have lots of surfers.

I have about three thousand Facebook friends, and while this doesn’t often result in a large amount of traffic, it will if your site provokes discussion, and there is the possibility they will share it with their friends.

I have a growing number of Google Plus connections, let’s say it’s around 2,500, although it will probably be more by the time you read this. I will also share your to all my Google Plus connections, and altogether, this will give you a fair amount of traffic, and also perhaps a benefit in your Google rankings.

Social Sharing: Traffic Estimate?

The expected amount of traffic on a site I approve for social sharing is between 100 to 1,000 views, or higher, depending on how much people like it. It may take a while for those views to show up with StumbleUpon.

With a really funny page, or a really strange and interesting or useful site, people will vote it up, and share it with their friends, so it’s hard to put an exact figure on the traffic estimate for this social sharing gig, but I will guarantee that you will get cheaper views than you could possibly get from an advertising campaign on Google Adwords, or Facebook Ads.

The other thing is, social shares do get counted by Google, and it is an important metric that may help your site or video to rank higher.

The no follow social links are part of a natural looking link profile, and if you don’t have any social links, but a whole bunch of do follow home page back links, then it will look unnatural, and so for this reason it is good for SEO as well.

I’m constantly working on increasing my social following, so the more time that goes by, the better this service will work. If you want, I can also get you just as many social connections as I have on your own accounts.

That would cost at least a few thousand dollars, but it’s well worth it if you have the money to spend, believe me. Just try it out to see. Pay the money, and send me the URL of your page, my email address is in the sidebar.

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