Social Promotion Versus Pay Per Click Advertising

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Social Promotion Versus Pay Per Click

First of all, there is not really a huge distinction between paid advertising and paid social promotion.

You may decide to buy Twitter followers through a site like Twiends, or pay per click when somebody clicks on a message you’ve ordered for someone to tweet on a site like Sponsored Tweets.

You might be paying for random views in a category on StumbleUpon Ads, or buying Fiverr gigs for getting social traffic in a variety of ways, such as getting hundreds of Facebook page likes.

The point is, the traffic from social promotion may be slightly less targeted, but it is still targeted due to the fact that the people who click on your link on a Twitter message click because it interests them, and even on StumbleUpon, you can target people based on their interests, their age, and their gender, similar to Facebook Ads.

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We can discuss whether you would like to focus your efforts on a more targeted campaign through people finding your site in a relevant Google search, already in a buying frame of mind, or whether it would be cheaper to get a hundred times more people who find your site through browsing on their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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What is the difference really between pay per click advertising and social promotion?

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