Social marketing of affiliate productsAffiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry, and social promotion is becoming more popular among affiliate marketers, as it can potentially reach hundreds of millions of people.

Companies like Clickbank and Amazon offer a commission for the sale of a product, and take care of everything after the sale like shipping.

Social media marketing is as good a way as any to reach potential customers for your affiliate products, but it has to be handled in the right way.

You can’t just promote any product, and you can’t send people directly to your affiliate link from a social site. In most cases it just doesn’t work, and it looks like spam.

My suggestion would be to find an original and interesting affiliate product, with widespread appeal, or perhaps a whole set of great products in a niche, and build your own site, or a page on your site as a landing page for advertising and social promotion.

Recently, a lot of clickbank products have been launched in order to provide helpful tools and info for beginners who just want to finally make their first sale online. Products like Commission Shortcuts 2 can can make some tasks much easier to someone who just starting out and have no experience with internet marketing.

Make a Professional Website to Promote Your Affiliate Products

A great example of this I saw recently was a site called The Challenge, which offered internet marketing training for free, and along the way encouraged people to sign up for hosting, or get a trial version of software, which earned them an affiliate commission.

They made no secret of the fact they got this commission, which would be obvious to most people anyway. I signed up for a hosting account at Host Gator through them, to make this site, and it worked really well.

The idea is to create value, and establish trust by offering something for nothing, even if it’s only a review directing people to something that works well.

It depends on what niche you are targeting, but for argument’s sake, let’s say it was weight loss.

I saw a Clickbank product for weight loss that had a promotional video ready to use, so all you might do there is make a site that showed the video, with your affiliate link in the text underneath.

If you didn’t have a ready made video, you could make your own, or a whole series of them, encouraging people to sign up to an email list for daily motivational training, such as aerobics, or healthy recipes.

You could also look for something free on You Tube, as it is all public domain, and you can embed it on your site easily.

Offer Value and Gain Trust to Sell Affiliate Products

If you gain the trust, and constant traffic of a person, you can sell them things in ads on the side of the page, or directly through recommendation in the videos, articles, or emails.

This may take longer to set up, but you need a landing page, as I don’t think most of the advertising sites and social networks like to see direct affiliate links.

You may even get banned from Google Adwords or Facebook by constantly trying to promote affiliate links, particularly get rich quick schemes.

Work hard on making a quality site that converts as many visitors as possible into sales, because the one and only goal is to make a profit from SEO,  pay per click advertising, and paid social promotion, and you can’t afford to lose people due to a hastily put together site.

Sometimes the product itself is enough to make sales, but usually people need a lot of persuading to make any purchase online.

You can contact me at [email protected] to discuss how I can help you promote your affiliate product, or your own product, in a number of different ways, and at an affordable price.

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