Social Media vs Link Building

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Link building and social media

Guest post by Pam Sallegue

Ever thought about gaining links and SEO without spending a single dime? You can do so if you take advantage of social media’s power.

The social media craze has massive involvement from everyone and is the number one thing on the internet, in terms of the way people are spending their time.

In this article, let us have a good comparison between gaining links or link building and social media for better SEO results.

What is Link Building and how does it work?

First, let us define what link building is for the benefit of those not knowledgeable about it.

Summarizing things, link building is, as the name implies, building those links across the internet, spreading them like wildfire and hopefully people click and access them so you get the exposure and marketing you desire.

There are lots of strategies for this, and the most common one is taking advantage of already reputable sites, endorsing your works and links there, and hope to increase the amount of traffic directed towards your own site and works.

Some host sites requires payment from you to host your links there, but some prefers to be generous and may just require that you do the same for them for a give and take relationship.

The Rise of Social Media and its role in SEO

Social media is the much more personal form of internet advertising. It has risen to power as technology is becoming more and more advanced and spreading information between massive amounts of individuals is now extremely easy to do.

Just use websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and among others and you are set. Just post away and the worlds may see them and it will spread like wildfire.

Social media marketing can be done by, as we have mentioned, posting interesting information in all those social networking sites and hopefully you get positive feedbacks or comments, and better yet, let your audience share your information with other sets of audience.

Accompany information with attractive and wisely organized pictures and videos and for sure you will create that buzz and noise for that much desired authority and SEO.

Link Building and Social Medias co-exist:

1. They work better together.

One can argue that one is better than the other, but truth is, it will be safer and more beneficial to treat them as one, and execute them together to reap better results.

Link building is a more straightforward way of spreading links, and if you take advantage of social media power, you will go further.

If you simply post out your links without thinking of engagement, you might just waste precious time or worse is you might just suffer the consequences of your poor execution. For that scenario, that is when and where social media comes into play.

2. Social Media is your gateway to your customers.

Due to the fact that social networking sites like Facebook are extremely popular, they may also serve as your main door for your SEO and marketing ploys.

Yes, you can simply do away with just relying on traditional link building, but thinking of how you can strategically attract your social circle too.

Do not just focus on just placing links, but think of quality and other opportunities.

3. Influential Social Media + Link Baiting

A great tip is to research on what are the “in” things right now, or the trending objects of attraction, and incorporate those as photos or videos to your informative texts so you create more attraction and value to your audience.

Create all those viral contents, and from there, plug in your links and for sure you will go far. The ultimate goal will always be to leave an imprint on people, to make them see things that are trendy and meaningful in their lives, and make them remember it, and see its worthiness and pass it on for maximum exposure.

Social media is analogous to word of mouth marketing as people love to recommend or pass on great information so remember that quality of posts is key to success and to avoid the negative effects of reputation ruination. Your link building activities can be easier made this way, and for sure will reach farther.

So there you have it! Think of the people, think of what’s their fancy, plug in your links, and for sure you will be happy about the results. Social media and link building works hand in hand so do not treat them separately for your marketing or SEO efforts.

Key takeaways:

Pam Sallegue is a writer, loves to play musical instruments and take photographs during spare time. She is planning to take Marketing course after her civil examination.

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