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Using social media to promote business is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing.

Social promotion requires a different approach depending on what your niche is, and whether your customers are looking for you on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The types of businesses who benefit the most from social media marketing are those who have a widespread appeal.

For example, if your business is offering coupons for half price groceries, or you have the latest gossip on celebrities, you will benefit from having a Facebook page.

It is not all that easy to get targeted likes and followers, (or it can be very expensive to run a Facebook Ads campaign), so the approach that a lot of business people use to promote their site is to just buy random likes and followers in bulk, and hope that they find their customers as a small percentage of that group.

I have personally had the most success on Twitter, as I have tens of thousands of followers which I got from Twiends.

I get my Facebook page likes from a similar site, where you can swap social media connections of all kinds called You Like Hits.

It can take a long time working on those sites to build up a substantial number of likes and followers, so I am offering a service here on Professional Social Promotion where you can buy Twitter followers and Facebook page likes for a very affordable price.

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How Does Social Media Promotion Work?

It’s pretty simple to understand, you can schedule tweets to appear once every day at a certain time on a site like Twaitter, and you try to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

You increase your Twitter followers daily, and so long as you interest people, they will click on your link.

The same applies for Facebook page likes, you increase the amount of people who like your page, and when you post something new on your wall, they will click on it if it interests them.

On both sites, you can also send a direct message to the people that like your page, or are following you, although generally speaking, it’s better to just show up in their news feed.

That way they click because they are interested, which is one step away from buying your product.

It takes tens of thousands of fans and followers before you start to see really good results from this, but it’s not that hard to get those numbers.

I am selling Twitter followers for one cent each, and Facebook page likes for four cents each, (as well as other social promotion services). If you have a hundred dollars, that means you get 10,000 Twitter followers, or 2,500 Facebook page likes, although it does take a little while to build it up to that.

It works really well, depending on whether average people are interested in what you tweet, or a certain percentage of them. To talk to me about using social media to promote your business, send me a message at [email protected]

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