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Social Media Solutions

What I aim to do on this site is offer affordable social media solutions for businesses of all kinds. There are many different ways to attract customers to your business through social media, or through being found on Google, and a different approach is needed, depending on what it is you do.

If you have a local business, such as a cleaning company that only works in one city, then you may need to try to target local keywords on Google, if any exist.

If there are no keyword phrases with any reasonable amount of exact match monthly search volume, then the next step might be pay per click advertising.

The difference between a local business and a worldwide online business is that it requires a very specific type of customer, and the same is true of many other types of businesses.

Another example might be a company that offered custom made surfboards. While there are surfers all over the world, it’s still not something that would interest more than a fraction of a percent of the general population.

For these types of businesses, which require a very specific and targeted audience, the only real options are SEO, PPC, and perhaps email marketing. Using the search engine and paid advertising traffic to build an email list of targeted buyers.

The other main type of marketing is viral marketing, or the widespread promotion of a product to a general audience of regular people.

This works really well if the page has some sort of viral appeal, and what that means is that it’s good enough and interesting enough that people might decide to share it with all their friends through a tweet, or a share on Facebook.

Viral Marketing Through Social Media

In my view the best way to do viral marketing is through a funny, interesting, or very informative You Tube video.

Video is the best way to spark an interest in regular people, and you may even have to think right outside of the box in terms of creating something that both sells your product, or promotes your site, and entertains in a way that might spread through word of mouth.

The goal is to be one of those people who has a video with one million views or more, and it’s not always certain how these videos become so popular.

You could take the example of the Old Spice ad, of the black guy who says “I’m on a horse”. That video ad was just released on the internet, and had a little bit of help from advertising, but it spread like wildfire, because it was so different, and entertaining.

Only a tiny fraction of pages have that viral quality that would make people want to click the share button, but one way to encourage shares is simply to ask people to share it.

If you form a connection with the audience, so that they feel like they know you, then they may be more than happy to click tweet or subscribe, or whatever, on a You Tube video, and that’s probably what I would recommend that people concentrate on, as their main destination point on social media.

The reason is, video is a visual medium, which can get across anything you want it to. The cost of a promoted video on You Tube through Google Adwords is much less than any other cost per click.

You can use Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and articles, blog posts, etc, to drive traffic to your videos, which are an effective pre-sales page for your web site.

The key is to understand how other people see your website, and try to imagine what would turn you into a buyer.

As I said at the start of this post, I offer social media solutions for businesses such as getting them likes, followers, shares, views, etc, or through making videos, writing articles, giving advice on how to effectively do SEO and pay per click advertising.

If you’re interested in getting a bit of a free evaluation of your site and how I might be able to help you, send me an email, my address is in the sidebar.

Social Media Marketing
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