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This is my social media marketing strategy, I get hundreds of unique views a day to this site from it, and it is only growing over time.

I mostly focus on Twitter, although I do incorporate some Facebook, You Tube, and StumbleUpon techniques as well.

Most of my traffic comes from my thousands of Twitter followers, and I’ll tell you how I get them.

I get my followers from Twiends, then I un-follow those who aren’t following me back using the last page of the flush tool on Tweepi.

I manage to get about two hundred followers a day doing this, but I wouldn’t recommend you start out following that many a day on a new account.

I schedule tweets using Twaitter, which means that I am constantly tweeting to my tens of thousands of followers all day long, and this is the most successful social media marketing strategy I have seen, giving me ten times the amount of traffic that I get from Google, or any other method of internet marketing and promotion.

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Other Social Media Marketing Strategies

I get some traffic from my many Facebook pages, although for me, that is mostly about SEO, and you have as much chance of getting a page on your site on the first page of a Google search, although having lots of likes does help, and you can get Facebook page likes for less than five cents each here on Professional Social Promotion.

You Tube is a great way to get traffic, because you can engage with the viewer in a more personal way, and to get a lot of views on your video, you need to know a lot about search engine optimization as well.

The You Tube search works similar to a Google search, as Google owns You Tube, but the main difference is they show a lot of the most recent videos, and also place more importance on the amount of views.

To do well on You Tube, you have to publish regularly, make a ton of back links to your channel and videos, write a long description, with the keywords in your title in it, and you have to have content that people search for, enjoy watching, and vote up.

The more subscribers you have, the more back links and videos and views, the better you do on Google, and subsequently in a You Tube search.

My social media marketing strategy is to do all of these things to some degree, but I do have to focus on what works as well, and for me, the sites that have got me the most traffic are Twitter, and StumbleUpon.

I wrote a Factoidz article called: How do you use the StumbleUpon Toolbar? That explains how to do that, and it does work, I’ve had hundreds of thousands of views from there. Also take a look at: Social Marketing Tips.

Professional Social Promotion can help you develop your own social media strategy, (sign up to the newsletter for free internet marketing training), or if you don’t want to spend hours a day doing it all yourself, you can pay to have us do it all for you. Just get in contact with me at [email protected]

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