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On November 25, 2012, in Social Media Marketing, by Rowan
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Social Media Guest PostsFor anyone who is interested in writing a social media related guest post on this site, I do accept submissions, so long as it is of high quality, over 400 words, original, and generally related to the topic of social media marketing, internet marketing, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, or Google.

You could write something about SEO, or anything that fits into that whole online marketing niche, but it has to be good.

The full details of the social media marketing guest post submission guidelines are on the page I just linked to, you can also increase your chances of getting a post published, or get me to edit it for you, or place a link on an already existing post by buying one of my Fiverr gigs.

That page has a link to my Fiverr profile, where you can find a gig called I will make a back link from my PR 4 social media marketing/internet marketing related blog for $5, or something like that.

This site is no longer PR 4, it’s actually slipped down to a PR 2, because I haven’t been publishing as much lately, I’ve just been real busy doing work for people.

That’s why I need some high quality fresh content, and it’s mutually beneficial, as a guest post from a site like this makes a really good back link, and will boost the rankings of your site for any marketing related keywords.

What You Should Say In The Guest Post

As I said, I go into the full details of the submission guidelines on the other page I linked to, but I’ll just say again what I’m looking for here.

I want an original, 400 word article that has not been published anywhere else, and will not be published anywhere else, ever.

It has to be written in really good English, with no gramatical or spelling mistakes, and it should not be overly commercial, it has to be about a topic, or answering a common question, not be about the product or site you want the link to.

You can mention that a little bit near the end, but it’s not an ad for your site, it’s meant to be informative content that my readers will be interested in reading, because it has really helpful information in it.

You can only have one link out to your site, from link text that occurs naturally in the text, towards the end, although you can also include one other link to a high authority site like Wikipedia, or something like that, which will help the ranking of the post, and therefore the ranking of the site it links to.

Authority is more important than page rank any day of the week, so it’s probably a good idea to do that, even though in theory, the link weight gets divided by half.

That’s about all I have to say about writing a social media guest post on this site, send me an email if you’re interested to talk about possible titles, and what you’re going to put in it, or send it to me in plain text in an email as HTML, and if I like it, I’ll publish it.

The other thing is, I don’t want people making tons of low quality back links to the post once it’s published, as that doesn’t help anyway, for me, or the target site. Building a link pyramid should be done gradually, and from quality sites, and most of the old techniques that used to work, no longer work, and can even be damaging to your rankings.

My email is in the sidebar, so get in contact if you think you can write a guest post about social media that I would be interested in publishing.

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