Social Media And Marketing

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Social Media Marketing And SEO

Social media marketing is perhaps the most important method of internet marketing next to SEO and pay per click advertising.

Not every business will benefit from running a marketing campaign on social media sites, but most will, as it’s beneficial for many reasons.

First, let’s look at the SEO benefit of having a Facebook page for example. While Facebook is no follow, (along with most of  the other social media sites), that makes no difference to Google, as you can rank a site purely for no follow links, especially from Facebook.

Google likes to see a natural looking link profile leading to your site, and that means no follow, do follow, and links of all kinds from varying link text.

If you show up on the profiles of a hundred different people, or your Facebook page gets a lot of likes, these are exactly the social signals that Google is looking for to tell them that you are a popular, useful site.

The same is true if you show up on many different Twitter profiles. You don’t want to join every social media site, (unless you pay someone to do it for you), as that will take a big commitment in terms of time, to maintain your presence there.

Marketing on Social Media Sites

The most success I have had personally in social media marketing has been on Twitter. I have tens of thousands of followers, which are random people I got from sites like Twiends, and You Like Hits.

Because my niche is social media marketing, I automatically appeal to the demographic of the people who are following, as they are almost always website owners or bloggers trying to promote their site.

One of the social promotion services offered on this site is cheap Twitter followers for one cent each. I also sell Facebook page likes for four cents each.

I would suggest you do both to start with, and spend a good deal of time each day tweeting, and updating your page with things that you think might interest people.

See how many clicks you get, perhaps leading to sales or subscribers, and then focus your efforts on the method that works the best.

Some people swear by Facebook, some like Twitter, and others like StumbleUpon, Digg or Linked In, but it is fairly random trying to work out which site your customers are on.

Some sites are more for fun, and others more for business, but you won’t know which site will give you the highest return on investment or time until you do the work to find out.

In terms of traffic, I would say I have gotten 90% from Twitter, then StumbleUpon, Google, Delicious, Facebook, Digg, and finally Linked In. This doesn’t really mean anything, except I’ve spent the most amount of time focusing on Twitter, as it’s easy to get thousands of Twitter followers quickly.

I can help you out with social media and marketing in many ways, just check out the home page, order a Fiverr gig, buy some one cent Twitter followers, or get in contact with me at [email protected] to discuss your site, and how best to promote it.

These are the best ways to use social media for marketing.

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