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On August 29, 2011, in Social marketing, by Rowan
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Social Marketing Tips From a Professional

Social marketing on sites like Facebook is both easy, and hard to do well at an affordable price. Hopefully these social marketing tips will help you to understand the process better.

There is Facebook Ads, but that costs a lot of money per click, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, the traffic will not be all that targeted.

There are many other alternatives for getting cheap traffic, such as Digg Ads, StumbleUpon Ads, getting your own Twitter followers, on a site like Twiends, or paying for people on micro job sites to share and tweet your site to their friends and followers.

By trying all of these methods, you may find that you can get targeted clicks for less than five cents, or even as low as one cent a click, which is unheard of these days.

If you want to learn social marketing tips, then this site is the place to go to learn it, as we have a free internet marketing training course.






We Can Help You With Social Marketing

Professional Social Promotion can set up and manage a social marketing campaign for you, with a guarantee that you will pay less than ten cents per targeted click from social sites, including the cost for us to set it up.

If you want to test out a social marketing campaign, bare in mind that it works the best with a page with widespread appeal, like weight loss, relationship advice, dating, recipes, things that a lot of people would have some interest in.

On StumbleUpon for example, the most popular categories are humor, bizarre, and recipes, although if you think your audience is out there, then it’s worth trying to reach them through social marketing.

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Learn all of the secret tips on how to do social marketing the best way.

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