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If you want your site to be successful, you need an effective social marketing plan, no matter what it is, and what it’s about.

There is a different type of social marketing plan needed for a site that has a widespread appeal, and one that needs very targeted viewers, but you cannot ignore the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for getting traffic.

We can start by looking at a simple Adsense blog, that has no great monetization for any of the pages on it, and is just talking on a general topic, such as internet marketing.

How would you construct an effective social media marketing plan for a general blog? Simple, you get about ten thousand Twitter followers from Twiends, or You Like Hits, and tweet every new post you do, and your older posts, all through the day.

I have already talked about the best social media tools to use to set up scheduled tweeting, and manage your followers in another post, so have a look at that page for more information.

Hopefully your posts will have a widespread appeal, and people will click on them, but if they need a more targeted audience, try making a Facebook page, that is specifically about the subject, and get a ton of Facebook page likes on it, and then when you update your wall, the people that like the page will see it in their news feed.

You can also make a You Tube video, or an endless amount of them, which is probably better, because it is better for SEO to publish regularly, so long as you maintain the level of quality.

Every business needs a social marketing plan.








A More Targeted Social Marketing Plan

The most important thing with finding really targeted viewers is SEO, and if you don’t know anything about that, you probably should sign up to the newsletter, because my e-book can explain that complicated subject in more detail, but I will quickly give you an idea of what you might need to do to get your Facebook page or You Tube video on the first page of Google.

Make heaps of back links to your page, channel, videos, etc from within Facebook or You Tube, and also from articles, relevant Comment Luv enabled blogs, forum signatures, social media sites, in fact everywhere you can possibly make a relevant back link, do it.

The only thing about making back links, is you don’t want to make spam back links too quickly, (like 1,000 a day), from bad neighbourhoods.

The higher quality the better, and Google likes to see a whole range of different links leading to your site. High page rank and low page rank, do follow and no follow.

You should learn as much as you can about on-page optimization as well, such as having a lot of keyword relevant text with the words in your title as about 3% of the text.

SEO doesn’t really have anything to do with social marketing, except that Facebook is PR 10, so if you use the same methods for ranking a Facebook page as you would with any other site, and get a lot of likes on it, you may actually do better on Google than with a proper WordPress website in some cases.

Google loves You Tube videos with lots of views, and they own You Tube, so it’s a good idea to work these sites into your social marketing plan if you can.

In conclusion, for widespread appeal, (viral content), go with Twitter and StumbleUpon for your social marketing plan, and for more targeted visitors, learn SEO, and use Facebook and You Tube, or pay for advertising there.

If you would like help coming up with an effective social marketing plan for your site, or you want to get likes, views, tweets, have articles written, or anything like that, just send me a message to talk about it at [email protected]

Make a plan for social marketing.





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