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On December 15, 2012, in Making money, by Rowan
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Simple Way To Make Money OnlineThis is a real simple way to make money online, you won’t make much, about five US dollars an hour, paid direct to your Pay Pal account, but all you have to do is click a button, and you can do it while watching TV, or listening to music.

I need someone to join a social swapping site that I use and click the various buttons to earn points, and then get likes and followers for me through your account.

I’ve been doing that myself today, I make about ten US dollars an hour doing that, because I own the site that sells the likes and followers, and I’ve put thousands of hours of work into ranking that on Google for phrases like “buy Facebook page likes“.

I get about one order a day on average, and sometimes it’s big, sometimes small, and big means I need to get about 3,000 likes at a time, which is the same as about 3,000 points on the unnamed social swapping site.

That’s worth a hundred dollars to me, and so to be fair, I could offer about fifty dollars out of that to someone who could sell me the likes, through the points they earn on this site.

I don’t want to hire someone who uses a bot, as I’ve found that people who use bots are unreliable, and get their accounts cancelled, as the site is working hard to fight against that.

I also don’t want to buy likes from someone who gets them from any other method, as I’ve pretty much determined that any other method produces fake likes, which are only good for boosting numbers.

It’s pretty simple really, just join the site, earn about 10,000 points, and send me a screenshot of your dashboard, showing me that you’ve done the work, and understand the process, and are ready to sell me likes and followers from your points.

Make Extra Money Online

I’m looking for someone to work for me long term, as you can only add a page once to the site, and I may get repeat orders, and need to get likes for the same page again.

Only looking for someone who will continue on with the job for a long period of time, and who is happy to get paid five US dollars an hour. You might be in India, or some country where the exchange rate is good.

It pays better than a lot of PTC sites, and it couldn’t be more easy, just watch You Tube videos, follow people on Twitter, like their Facebook pages, like their Facebook posts, follow people on Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube, Reverb Nation, etc, etc.

If you’re interested, just earn some points, (email me to find out the name of the site, I’ve taken it off my posts), and send me an email with a screenshot of the points on your dashboard, indicating that you’re happy to take the job on a permanent basis. My email is in the sidebar, [email protected].

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