Should you Trust an SEO Expert?

On August 20, 2011, in SEO, by Rowan
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Should you trust an SEO expert when they say they can get you on the first page of a Google search guaranteed?

That’s a pretty easy question to answer, no you shouldn’t trust anyone who says that getting on the first page of a Google search can be guaranteed, because Google updates their search algorithms on an almost daily basis to combat these back link merchants, and the spam they produce.

SEO should be handled by learning how to do it yourself, if you’re serious about it. You cannot just click a button, and magically show Google all the signs they are looking for.

Google wants quality, and relevance, and perhaps the authority of a site that has other quality, relevant, trusted sites linking to it.

There is no way I would ever put my site in the hands of an SEO company, because there is no guarantee it would do any good at all.







Should you Trust an SEO Expert?

In a previous post, I talked about the dangers of grey-hat SEO, which includes everything slightly shifty, including buying links of any kind.

There is a whole industry built around the notion that you can fool Google by buying tons of back links, or high page rank back links, when Google itself says that if they catch you buying links, you may be de-indexed.

The best way to do SEO on your site is to gradually write quality, relevant articles about it on other sites, and regularly put quality SEO content on your own site.

Google will simply banish your site into the nether regions of the thousandth page of the SERPs, or de-index your site altogether if you use some of the spam blasting software that used to work in the old days, particularly if your site is new.

So should you trust an SEO expert? Yes, to some degree, if they advise you about on-page optimization, and how to manually submit your site to places like article directories, press release sites, and social bookmarking sites. I can advise you on these things in the free internet marketing training you get when you sign up to the newsletter.

I am an SEO expert that you can trust, and if I wasn't, then how the hell are you reading this?

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