Affordable SEO
If you’re just coming to this site from Google, I’m Rowan Casey, and I’ve been actively doing and learning SEO for about three or four years now.

I’m hoping to get ranked for “affordable SEO services” right now with this page, (although that is a high competition search), and I know I can help you get higher rankings for your site as well.

I run an SEO campaign based on what I’ve found works for me, and I’m constantly trying to stay on top of the latest algorithm changes on Google.

I find that it’s fairly simple really, quality not quantity, social media is becoming a lot more important, publishing on your site regularly is really important, and with back links, it’s important that you don’t make low quality links from link farms, or you’re doomed.

I do pretty much all of the work myself, although I’m looking to find quality writers who can work for a decent price.

I can write articles and get them published, submit guest posts, make you social media pages, do a bit of social bookmarking, advise you on on-page stuff, all the things you need done, and at a very reasonable price.

I don’t make claims that I can guarantee rankings, as nobody can, but I will guarantee I will do nothing that is likely to get you punished by Google.

Ask me to take a look at your site, and use this button, or ask me to make up an invoice to sign up for the full campaign once we work out the details through email.

$300 a month recurring for SEO

I have been continuing to run my first SEO campaign for a site selling “skin whitening products” and it climbed up to number 2 in that search, (second to Wikipedia), and the search is a buyer keyword with 2,400 exact match searches a month worldwide.

I managed to do that in less than six months, on a budget of $150 a month, although now that I have proven myself capable with my first SEO campaign, I will be charging twice as much for my second, which will include more work, more bought links, but it will also just pay me more for my time, because I can prove that I can rank sites for tough keywords in this post-Panda environment on Google.

Ten dollars a day really isn’t that much anyway, and is about standard for a good SEO company.

How I Run An SEO Campaign

I will start off by taking a look at your site, and the on-page factors that could be improved upon, as well as do keyword research to find other phrases you could use in the link profile.

I will suggest that you use some of the other social media marketing services on the site to show the social signals that Google finds so important these days. Buying some random tweets actually was the final step that got the skin cream site to jump the last eight places to right up the top of that search.

Then, I could suggest many ways of making quality back links that appear natural to Google, and set up a back linking campaign.

I focus on quality, not quantity, and I actually write the articles myself, although that may change in the future maybe, if I can find a good quality writer.

If your site is relevant to my site, I could write a blog post on this site about your business, (or you could write a guest post), so long as I feel comfortable recommending it, and so long as it is relevant to my keywords which are social media marketing,  internet marketing, SEO, etc.

I could do manual blog commenting and social bookmarking for you, on relevant blog posts,(not spam), write a press release, advise you on on-page SEO, or any number of different things.

If you really want a big SEO boost, I can put a link to your site on the home page, so long as the link text is relevant, and I feel like it’s worth linking to, cause I don’t want to ruin my own rankings there, by linking out to something that was not relevant.

Search Engine Optimization

You do not want to appear like you are trying to fool Google, the links have to look natural, which means that it has to be from a range of different link text, and all different sorts of sites with different page ranks.

You may be aware that no follow links play as much of a role in ranking your site as do follow, because it creates a natural-looking link profile, not that there is such a thing as do follow, that’s just a normal link.

There is the hilltop algorithm to consider, which means that when a site links out to a lot of authority sites as well as your one, this makes it an “expert” page, which then passes on “authority” to your link.

I hope to make my home page an expert page, by making some social media marketing related out-going links to authority sites, although I will not place a link to any page that is competing for the same search I am, unless I am well compensated.

So how do you purchase any of the search engine optimization services I just mentioned? It’s impossible to put a single PayPal button here, because there are so many different things that you could ask me to do, but I can send you a PayPal invoice in an email, or you can just use the buttons on the other pages to pay ten bucks at a time, or subscribe for a monthly payment.

Before I decide how much anything will cost, you will have to get in contact with me about it at [email protected] and tell me what sort search engine optimization services you would like me to do for you, and what you’ve had done so far, or the back links you’ve made yourself to the site.

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