This is one of the best value products on the site, which only improves in value over time. The idea is that you sign up for a subscription for daily scheduled tweets to my followers, at a certain time every day, and over time, the followers list increases, and your value for money improves.

I work for hours a day increasing my Twitter followers, buying seeds and following people on Twiends, unfollowing those that aren’t following back using Tweepi, and setting up scheduled tweets on Twaitter.

Is your time worth more than one dollar a day, to save hours of work? If you think you might be able to do something better with that time, buy the subscription.

So far, I have about 15,000 Twitter followers on my main account, and it is growing at a rate of around two hundred new followers a day.

If you tweet something that appeals to the demographic, which is people looking to promote something, (or just general people), then they will click on your link, perhaps getting you clicks for a few cents each, or even less, depending on the message, and the time of day.

Scheduled tweeting saves you time, and money, by getting us to do it for you.






How Do You Set Up Scheduled Tweeting?

You can change the Twitter message at any time, by contacting me at [email protected] with a new one, and every day, you will have more people to tweet your message to, at the same monthly price you started with.

This means that your one dollar a day per daily tweeting spot might get you as many as a hundred views a day, and a year later, perhaps two hundred. I offer a four-for-one discount to my subscribers, so you should probably sign up to the newsletter, and confirm your subscription before contacting me, and paying via the PayPal button.

It all depends how good you are at grabbing the attention of regular people, and you should get me to change your message every now and then, to ensure that you’re not tweeting to anyone who’s already seen it.

You can buy up to twenty daily scheduled tweeting spots, and the price gets better the more you get, and the longer you stay subscribed. This is pretty much the same thing that people pay me five times as much for on Fiverr, but in a subscription.

Payment Options

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