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My Article Writing Experience
I did promotional article writing for other people’s websites for a number of years before venturing into making my own websites.

Relevant articles on a site with a good page rank, and linking to your site from relevant link text can make a big difference in improving your Google rating.

Before you order the gig, contact me first, and tell me about your site, where it is in the Google search results, and what you have done already as far as back links.Article Writing

I can tell you if your site has the wrong keyword density, a bad title, or if it is competing for a search with too much competition.

Once we work that out, (a quick free SEO consultation), I can start to write a few articles that will make a good back link to your site, and which hopefully drive targeted traffic from Google.

I will write something of high quality, at least as high quality as this page, and with good SEO, and I will either publish it on one of the sites I write on, or give it to you to publish on your site.

Once published, I will also share it with all my social connections, so long as it’s not a subject which might be distasteful to any of my friends and followers.

If you have been doing poorly in Google, you may find that an article, or many articles competing for more specific searches can help you out enormously, so long as people find it every now and then, and so long as it has a beneficial effect on the ranking of your site.

So What Does the Article Writing Gig Include?

I quite like writing promotional articles, and I do it well, keeping in mind the right keyword density, adding a photo or video, making subheadings with your keywords in them, and writing an article of over 300 words, perhaps up to 500 words.

I’ll write an article with good SEO, which encourages people to visit your site, then I’ll do what I do with all of my articles, which is share it with all my tens of thousands of social connections, and make a few social bookmarking back links to it.
Professional Article Writing
I will basically try to help you out with a natural looking article or blog post, (if it’s relevant), that will have a beneficial effect on the ranking of your site.

If you want to talk to me about doing a guest post here, I have fairly high standards, but you can get one published here for free if it’s relevant, over 400 words, original, not overly promotional, etc.

I’m only going to offer to do one article at a time, and I may not want to do more than one, so ask me each time. I can point you towards a site where you can find cheap article writers from India and other countries, but they may not do as professional a job.

The price is ten dollars per article of at least 300 words, which I write on HubPages, or Ezine, Knoji, Info Barrel, Yahoo Voices, (or another article writing site if you prefer). I can also write articles directly on your site, or as I said, there is a possibility of a guest post or page here as well.

My email is in the sidebar if you want to discuss my writing talents, or my SEO skills, or the publishing of a guest post on this site, etc.

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