Privacy PolicyMy privacy policy is as follows:

I will try to be discreet about the fact that you may have been buying likes and followers, or buying back links.

Depending on how it’s done, this can be seen as being against the guidelines of the sites in question.

If it’s really important to you that I don’t mention you or your page or site in my blog posts or in discussion forums as examples of my recent work, tell me, and I’ll try to be extra discreet.

For example, Google officially frowns upon people who buy back links from sites, regardless of the fact that it is virtually impossible to rank a site for a high competition search without doing this in some way.

They are quite contradictory about that, because you can buy a directory submission on Yahoo or Best Of The Web, and they love that. They allow you to do press releases which is also buying back links in a way, and almost all sites use SEO companies who invariably buy back links in some way.

In a similar way, Facebook and Twitter do not allow buying likes and followers from anyone but them, but so many people do it, they don’t enforce the rule. I saw on the news that half of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers are fake.

Are My Services Against The Rules Of Social Media Sites?

I don’t sell fake likes or followers at all, I help you form social media connections through social swapping sites, where real people have the opportunity to follow you, without financial incentive.

That’s the legal jargon they use, and if you say it like that, and do it like that, (which I do), it’s actually not against the terms of service.

I’m not a big fan of legal jargon, because people don’t do Google searches for “buy the opportunity for people to follow you on Twitter without financial incentive”.

Why I Made This Privacy Policy Page

Getting back to the privacy policy thing, I never really thought I needed one, because I don’t take people’s credit card details, Pay Pal handles that. I was on Linked In and someone posted a link to my Web Of Trust review, which is some sort of site that rates sites.

With no customer feedback or reviews at all, they had a big red button saying my site was untrustworthy, simply because I hadn’t verified my site or had any feedback at all.

My view is that’s a bit of a scam that forces people to sign up and be a part of their site, just to protect their reputation from an unwarranted attack. Some people would see that, and trust it, because the site has been around for years.

My site is not big enough for anyone to seek out a site like that and leave reviews, and if they did, it would only be negative, perhaps written by one of my competitors, or someone I had an argument with.

Still, it worked, because I can’t stand being called untrustworthy, and one of the things I had to do was provide a privacy policy page, which is now here permanently on my site, telling everyone who bothers to look what a scam that site is, and that my site is not in any way dodgy at all.

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