Maintaining The Authority Of Your Site

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Site AuthorityIf you have a blog or a site, there is a certain amount of maintenance that you have to do on it in order to keep it fresh in the eyes of Google, and that’s why you need to continue to publish content.

It’s not just a matter of publishing new pages on your blog, you should really go back to those blog posts that you wrote a few years ago and update them as well, so that they stand a better chance of ranking on Google today.

Google doesn’t like to see pages or a site that has been sitting around doing nothing, because it looks like the site has been abandoned, and they can’t expect that the information will still be relevant if nobody is running the site.

I’m mainly writing this blog post to keep the site up to date, and to put a fresh new post on the list of indexed pages, but I’m also writing it to link out to some authority sites.

The reason why I want to link out to authority sites is because I know that will help the authority of my site, and I’ve been publishing a lot of guest posts which link to low authority sites.

I need to balance the amount of quality outbound links with the amount of lower quality outbound links by every now and then writing a blog post of my own, and I will now start the process of linking out to the relevant sites to this post.

Sources That Provide Authority

Here are some sources that provide a lot of authority to your site, just by linking out to them because they are recognised as the place people go to find reliable information.

First, I will link out to this CNN story which is about a study that proves that Facebook helps your self esteem.

I’m going to link out to BBC News just to have some link to that site, and here’s a New York Times article about the pope and the Dalai Lama getting on Twitter, called can social media sell soap?

Just the fact that I am linking out to these big, high authority, trusted news sites gives this post authority, even though the only reason why I’m writing the post is just to give the site more authority.

I will also link out to a Wikipedia page on the HITS algorithm, which is a fairly old Google thing to do with authority.

That’s probably enough about that now, but I will just continue to add one more link that is slightly more relevant to the title, so I can make sure that I’m showing Google that my page is relevant.

This one is a Pingler page on building and maintaining authority back links. I’ve probably done enough now, I’ll just add the photo and tags and title and description and category and that will be that.

I’m hoping this post explained something about maintaining the authority of a site. I wasn’t aiming to write it for any other reason, but if you’re interested in that sort of thing, get in contact with me and ask me for some advice about your site.

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