Judging by the Numbers: Mind-Boggling, Welcoming Stats About Social Media Marketing for 2016

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Guest post by Joe Baldwin

SMMThere’s no denying that trends, advertisements, ideas, and your Himalayan cat sitting pretty in your comfy sofa waiting to be Snapchatted inevitably go through the hottest phenomenon every “normal” individual considers – social media.
Here are 11 interesting facts, numbers, and its evaluations about social media being conducive to the ever-changing business landscape.
• There are over 1.65 billion active Facebook users across the globe monthly (Facebook, as of April 27, 2016)
• Over 300 million photo uploads per day take place (Gizmodo)
• An estimated number of 1,090 million daily active users (1.09 billion) have been recorded, on which 84% are situated outside USA (Socialbakers)
• 49% of consumers like a Facebook page to support the brand, while 40% of consumers don’t like brands at all (SproutSocial)
• A timeframe equaling 20 minutes or more is what each user dedicates to Facebook per day (DMR Directory of Social Network, App and Digital Stats)
In-depth analysis: Facebook is the forefront of social media, no doubt. Based from the above numbers, we can conclude that its users are too diverse – people coming from different races, cultures, income brackets, and walks of life overall. Standard due care should be observed when making product posts, descriptions, and images since jargons and cultural taboos could hamper your chances of expanding your customer base. Considering that able, willing potential customers are strained by their busy schedules, the principle of doing it right the first time, as per management expert Ken Blanchard reiterates, comes to play when making online, “life-changing “ marketing posts in Facebook.
• Twitter users are more likely to follow brands than users in Facebook, 3x on the average (Convince & Convert)
• “[…] Throwback Thursday has real value for your business.” (Convert with Content)
• “Tweet exposure has a positive influence on brand consideration.” (Twitter)
Interpretation: Most celebrities and influential people don’t have Facebook accounts, opting to choose Twitter as their online platform. Twitter SMM 2users perceive using the site as being able to have a certain degree of sophistication and classiness. Hence, marketing efforts and product postings in this site should be presented in a way that is trendy, hip, and stylish by incorporating good visual content creation tools (e.g., PhotoGrid, Designspiration, Canva, etc.).
LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Micro Blogging Sites
• “Of all the major social platforms currently vying for the top spots, LinkedIn is the most B2B-centric. It is also considered the most effective in the sales cycle. According to Content Marketing Institute’s ‘2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends for North America, ‘63 percent of marketers report positive results in that area.” (B2B News Network)
• More than 5 billion times is the frequency of how the +1 Google Plus button is being clicked everyday (Digital Insights Blog)
• Micro blogging sites Pinterest, Tumblr, and Plurk rank 33rd, 44th, and 2,359th respectively in terms of traffic and page visits provided by the Alexa Traffic Rank. It is a relatively good figure for finding new customer bases.
Analysis: Though social media appears to be dominated by the influx of Facebook and Twitter users, comparatively less explored abovementioned sites can be a “success gem” when the prominent sites get clogged. A wise social media manager not limits his advertising to one, unpredictable platform; he diversifies opportunities based on careful evaluation of trends and statistical information (e.g., geographical concentration, market structure, shifts in popular product niches, etc.).

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