Internet Marketing StrategiesIf you manage to be consistent enough to stick at the internet marketing game for years, you will learn a number of different internet marketing strategies that will help you make money when you need to.

On this page, I will list as many different strategies used in internet marketing as I possibly can, and I will talk about each one, and how it works in relation to each of the other ones.

It’s all connected, like I’ll start with SEO, but that has a relation to PPC, and email marketing has a relation to both of those, as it does with social media marketing.

None of these should be done in complete ignorance of the other ones, and so it’s a matter of learning as much as you can about everything to do with online marketing at the same time.

If you want one-on-one coaching to help you move forward at a faster pace, I’m probably available, if the price is right for my time. Send me a message, my email is in the sidebar if you want to talk about any of these internet marketing strategies.


I already went to a good deal of effort to explain how SEO works on another of these articles, the link to that page is in the sidebar, it’s called professional SEO tips, and I think it’s still ranking on Google fairly highly for that phrase.

You need to work fairly hard to rank a site for a phrase that has competition, because what that means is that other people are competing against you to rank their page above yours, and so you have to be crafty, and work fairly hard to beat them.

Alternatively, you have to have the money to pay someone to make the original high quality content as back links and arrange it in a link pyramid on high authority sites.

It’s either money, or hard work that is needed, and while it’s not all about the back links, it comes down to the amount of quality pages on or off the site and their relevance to the search.

SEO is important to bear in mind in everything you’re doing, because when someone is searching for your product directly, they are the most likely to buy.

Ranking on an organic search for all the buyer keywords for your product is the first thing you want to try to make happen, because it’s usually the best way to find your targeted customers.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Let’s say for some reason you can’t rank on the first page of Google for an important phrase to do with your product, or you may find that nobody is searching for your product by name in any large volume per month.

The next best way to get fast, targeted traffic is to run a paid advertising campaign on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or even Stumble Upon Ads, Digg Ads, Plenty Of Fish Ads, Chitika, Kontera, etc.

You could try any number of different advertising agencies to see if they can make you a return on investment, and that is the key, tracking your ROI, because if you’re not making money, you’re losing money.

I never really found a guaranteed way to make a return on investment through paid advertising because the competition is usually too strong, depending on how you capture the traffic and turn it into customers.

I have found it to be a good way to get targeted likes on Facebook, which also help your page rank better on Google for the title.

You can get traffic from the posts on your wall if your fans are interested enough to click on them.

I have made a profit from Facebook Ads for some clients, by incorporating SEO, PPC, and SMO together in the one campaign.

One dollar in profit per click on an ad, and you’ve really got something, if you can repeat it again and again a million times.

If you’re interested in having me manage a Facebook Ads campaign for you, or designing a page or custom tab, Facebook is what I specialize in, get in touch through the contact form.

It’s easier said than done, but here’s another way you can take that click on an ad, and turn it into money that will keep on coming in for years.

Email Marketing

I’m not a big fan of email marketing myself, but that’s not because it doesn’t work, I just don’t have the time to build an email list and send out offers to my subscribers.

I never really liked getting emails sent to me with the latest Warrior special offer for back link building software, but every now and then one of those guys will actually send me out something worth being on the list for.

I signed up to a lot of those lists years ago, and I can’t even remember why I signed up. I would unsubscribe, but as I said, they are sort of targeted at me as an internet marketer, so I’m thinking they might have some valuable information to share with me one day.

So from their perspective, I’m a lead with the potential to make them money over and over again. They have an almost endless amount of chances to send out the email that is going to get me to sign up as a member on their new site or buy their software or whatever it might be.

It’s a way to capture someone as a source of traffic permanently, so long as they don’t unsubscribe from your list. The key is offering great value in your emails, so they take the time to look at each email you send them carefully, so as not to miss anything worthwhile.

Social Media Marketing

This is one of my favorite internet marketing strategies, and I have a very particular way that I go about it.

I simply focus on volume, and don’t really bother taking the time to form individual relationships with people, simply because it’s hard to do that with 100,000 people at the same time.

My goal is to friend as many people as I can on Facebook, have tens of thousands of Twitter followers, thousands of Google Plus followers, Pinterest followers, I’m a member of Linked In groups that have tens of thousands of members, you get the picture.

I have connections to people in volume on all the big social media sites, and I can instantly drum up at least a few dozen views to any page I want to share, almost no matter what it’s about.

For example, when this page is done, I’m going to share it on more than one different Twitter account, then I’m going to post the link on one of my Facebook pages related to internet marketing.

Then, I’m going to share it to my Linked In groups that I’m a member of, and I might share it on Google Plus if they will let me, (I’ve had trouble with Google Plus allowing posts from this site).

Then I will share it on Pinterest, on Digg, then Delicious, then Stumble Upon, then Friend Feed, and I might go on to write a few articles on various sites over time leading back to it, to help it rank for the phrase in question which is internet marketing strategies.

Getting back to how I get all of those social connections together, in some cases it’s really easy, and I can just buy them, (I sell social media marketing services by the way, get in touch), and in other cases I have to work hard to form all those social friendships.

I use social swapping sites where people earn points to follow each other, and many other different methods like Fiverr gigs to build up my accounts to the level where they can drive traffic instantaneously to my site, whenever I want it.

I use my social connections the way some people use an email list, and while it isn’t as effective, it’s less intrusive, and I just feel better about the way that makes me come across to people, particularly seeing as I’m in social media marketing.

So that’s my strategy, SEO and social media marketing, and if you want my help doing that, get in touch with me as I said, I’m selling my services on this site to help you out with what you’re doing. I have over five years of experience in internet marketing, so I know my stuff.



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