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This post will explain how to use Facebook for affiliate marketing. I can’t stress enough that you don’t want to spam the hell out of your friends and groups with affiliate links directly, or you will probably get your account suspended.Facebook For Affiliate Marketing

This is the real way to approach affiliate marketing on Facebook, and I’ve already seen a few sales of some cheap Amazon products.

I haven’t really got the money to spend a lot on advertising, but I am running a Facebook Ads campaign at the moment for one of my pages.

The first thing you need to do is find an affiliate product with a reasonable commission.

By that I mean, hundreds of dollars in the average re-bill sale or initial sale, or at least over fifty dollars for your share when you make a sale.

I’ve tried selling products that have a lower commission, like an Amazon gift card, but the only way you can get people to buy that is if they find you in a Facebook search, or possibly a Google search.

In order to get big money, you will have to use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to a page, that will then send them to the affiliate link via an app called Just Redirect.

Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

So this is how I approach affiliate marketing on a Facebook page. I get the link, do a little keyword research, and give the page a title that has some chance of competing in both a Facebook and Google search.

Then I take photo screenshots of the product, and add them to the page for the cover and profile picture.

I add Just Redirect to the page, and add the affiliate link in that, and then I also change the photo on that tab, so it looks good.

I put a bit of stuff on the page, like some info, some links, some text, and then I get a few random likes for it, and before you know it, in five minutes, it’s at the top of the Facebook search for the title you picked.

You may not be able to compete in a Facebook search for one word keywords, but almost anything else can be fairly easy to rank for, you just need a bunch of likes, and that’s about it.

People are doing more searches on Facebook these days, and while there are no keyword tools to work out the search volume of particular phrases, you can imagine that a lot of people would be typing in things like get more likes, or social media marketing, or anything really.

It’s not only a Facebook search where you will get search traffic for a Facebook page, if you treat it like an ordinary website, and make back links to it, update it regularly, and get likes, you can compete on Google as well.

For example, my Facebook page Affordable Social Media Marketing Services is outranking this site for that keyword phrase, even though I’ve spent a lot more time building back links to this site. Probably because I link to it from the home page.

To make the big money, you have to take a risk, and try out a Facebook Ads campaign, or you can also use Google Adwords or other traffic sources to get people to your page.

If the conversion rate is good, and the cost per click is low, then you make a profit, and that’s all you could possibly ask for. Then you do it again, split testing ads and products, until you make a consistent profit.

I’m not going to bother to link to any of my affiliate marketing Facebook pages from here, because they aren’t related to this post, but if you want to see some of the work I’ve done, or you want to hire me to make you a nice custom Facebook page for your affiliate link, or get you likes, handle a Facebook Ads campaign, do SEO, etc, send me a message at [email protected]

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