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This version is better.I was searching around on Google for a way to resize my existing images into different sizes, and I found a couple of great tools that you might find helpful.

To start with, I was searching for a way to make a favicon, the little tiny photo that appears next to your site on the tabs on your browser.

I found Favicon.co.uk which makes little 16 x 16 .ico imgages, which are the best thing to use for a favicon on your site.

I also found a great WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add it to your website script called All In One Favicon, just search for that on the install plugins page, it was the first one I found in a search for favicon.

It may not seem important to have one of those on the tab, but it also comes up to the left of your URL on some browsers, and it’s just a little extra professional touch that makes you look like a proper website.

I made the photo to the right using a free text photo generator on interactimage.com. I might use it for the favicon of this site, but maybe not, it seems a bit blurry.

I actually decided it looked so blurry, that I needed to edit it in iPhoto, so I changed the contrast and saturation, and a few other things, and it looks a lot better now.

How To Convert Images Into Any Size For Social Media
I was making a Facebook page for a client, and I wanted to make photos for the custom tabs I had created using Static HTML: iFrame Tabs.

So, I took the photos I had already made using a free screenshot photo tool for Macs called Capture Me, and resized them using this handy tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas.

I had a bit of trouble downloading the image directly, I don’t know if that’s just a temporary glitch, but I found it was just as easy to right click on it, and press save image as.

Another way to do it would be to send it to yourself in an email. Anyway, you can take any photo in your library, and convert it into any size you want.

They have a bunch of different choices, but I choose the last one, that lets you set any parameters you want.

I have to make photos exactly 111 x 74 pixels in order to fit them as photos on the tabs, which can by the way have anything you want on them.

Having Trouble? Hire A Professional

This is just one of many things I’ve had to learn over the last five years of internet marketing.

There are literally thousands of other things like that that only come with experience, so if you want somebody to do all of this for you, I’m that guy.

Send me an email at [email protected] or use the contact form or contact page.

Tell me about what you do, and what you’ve done so far. Include links, and tell me what I can do for you, or ask me what you think you should do.

I can help with web design, content production, SEO, social media management, management of an advertising campaign, or anything you want to do with online marketing generally.

As I said, I have five years experience, and I can also give you internet marketing coaching, teaching you all the things I’ve taken years to learn through trial and error.



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