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Ranking On GoogleLiterally millions of people are trying to rank their site higher on Google, many of them just working as SEO providers for a client.

More than half of them are wasting their time, using outdated or time-consuming link building strategies, some of which actually work in reverse, and damage their rankings.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a much easier, cheaper way to get to the top of a Google search that didn’t involve paying per click on Google Adwords?

There is, and it’s very simple, you use the ranking power and authority of large social media sites like Google Plus, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter.

The difference in cost to rank for a search is about a hundred times less when starting a Facebook page and a new domain from scratch, I’m not kidding.

Some people just make their social media pages because they think they’re supposed to make them, without even a passing thought to their SEO potential.

They think that having a Facebook page and a You Tube video is going to make their site rank better, but that’s backwards logic, considering how easy it is to rank social media pages, and that links from social media sites are no follow.

So, here’s an explanation of how to use each social media site to rank highly on Google for almost any keyword phrase you want.

How To Rank For A Local Search

How To Rank LocallyThere is only really one way to rank for a local search like plumber, electrician, or the job title plus the city name like guitar teacher New York.

You have to make a Google Plus page, after first making a Google Plus profile. It’s relatively easy to set that up, but what you do have to do is get the title right, and the social signals like reviews which help you get past your competitors.

Do a search on anything like that, anywhere in the world, and if it isn’t packed with Google Plus pages, it’s only because they haven’t been made yet, or they weren’t made properly.

You don’t even need back links to rank highly with a Google Local page, although it might help if there’s heavy competition.

Some other things that might help are Google Plus followers, reviews, posts on the wall, a fully filled out and verified page.

There is no alternative, you have to make one if you want to rank locally in your city, that’s how powerful it is. I can help you do that, get in contact with me via the contact form in the sidebar.

How To Rank Worldwide For A Phrase

Ranking A Facebook Page On GoogleWhat’s the most visited site in the world? Google, but the place where people spend the most time and the next most visited site is Facebook, and that’s how you rank for any phrase or many phrases worldwide.

Some would say that Facebook isn’t effective at selling products because it’s a social site. Not true, if someone is searching for a product via a buyer keyword on Google, then they get your Facebook page at the top, it’s user friendly, they feel comfortable, and they are one click away from your site.

You can even set up your whole site on your Facebook page in a tab, especially if you only need one set of Pay Pal buttons to sell a small amount of products. That way, they don’t even have to leave the site.

You rank a Facebook page in the same way you rank a sub-page on any site. You need the right title, an exact match to a phrase with a large amount of exact match monthly search volume, then you make back links, and internal links to the page, and fill it with quality, relevant content.

I usually set up four or five pages with similar titles, and link them together, by using Facebook as the first page to like the other ones. This sets up one way, or two way links that are do follow within the site.

Then, I make a few back links to all of them, like a nice long HubPages or Ezine article, or a relevant guest post on an authority site.

Then, I get all the pages hundreds of likes, either random likes from a social swapping site, or targeted likes through Facebook Ads, which can also turn into immediate sales.

If you need to, you can create other social signals like shares, post or photo shares, comments, and post likes. Unless you’re competing for keywords with huge competition, once you do that, you should already be ranking, but it does take at least a few months, like any site.

You can in theory do the same thing on You Tube, but there are unknown factors, like the bounce rate of the videos. You can’t really control how long people will watch a business related video ad, except by your talent at video production.

Twitter works, and you can get results just by pumping thousands of followers on a profile, but it’s the last one I would bother with for ranking. On the other hand, it does work the best for getting traffic from random five cent followers.

I can do all of these things and more, for a very affordable price when compared to the hundreds of dollars a month it takes to rank a website for a phrase. Get in contact with me, tell me about your site, your product, and your current social media pages.



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