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On September 23, 2013, in SEO, by Rowan
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Selling SEO ServicesYou probably found this post on Google, or clicked on it because it was posted on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In, or one of the many other social media sites I use.

The first thing you should understand is that if you don’t know how to do SEO or social media marketing right now, you can’t sell it as a service unless you find someone who does know how to do it, to outsource to.

SEO is the most complicated tangled web of algorithms that you have to learn, and once you learn them, they completely change with the latest updates.

It’s also relatively simple, they are just trying to find the most relevant, highest quality and most trusted results to show.

These are pages written well, in good English, on a site that has some authority, which means there are authority pages pointing at it, making good back links.

The fastest way to make an authority page is to write on someone else’s site like Ezine or HubPages for articles, or on Facebook or You Tube for a social media page that ranks on Google. Or, you can submit a guest post to a relevant, high-traffic site in your niche.

The social media links do help your site rank a little, even though they are no follow, but it’s more the fact that they rank easily themselves, and once they are ranking, they drive traffic to your site through a click-through.

How Hard Is It Really To Rank A Website For A High Competition Search? 

Ranking your own domain or someone else’s from scratch is a lot harder than it used to be, because there a lot of things that used to give you positive rankings like using software to blast out blog comments, which now work in reverse.

If you are going to look for back link building methods that work, don’t read articles that are over a year old, or even a few months old, and be sure of the authority of the author.

You also need to have an idea of what direction the algorithm updates are going into, such as the trend Google has shown of punishing spam, or low-quality content.

From what I’ve heard, it’s more important to create engaging content on your site that your readers can share on social media or link to from their blogs because it’s good.

Random links from content farms or a link for a link’s sake look false and manufactured, and Google actively punish back link builders who create useless spam.

I am personally looking for an SEO company that I can outsource to, because what SEO requires is long, well written, completely original articles submitted as guest posts on sites with a high page rank, and a good domain authority score.

The problem is:

Half of the companies don’t work at all, because they haven’t learned to change with the new algorithms and use outdated practices like software blasting and article syndication.

The new algorithms should have put them out of business, or made them change the way they worked completely, but some just keep selling the same old thing that now doesn’t work. This can permanently destroy the rankings of a site.

Half of the rest use techniques like building fast social media links and social bookmarks to get link velocity which drops off as soon as you stop, and then the rankings of the site go in reverse.

I get guys from SEO companies asking me to get guest posts published on my sites, and this is a good idea for the site they’re working on maybe, but half of them don’t speak good English and don’t really know what they’re doing.

So, that’s about 5% left, and I’m looking for a company who does all that at a price I can add my commission to, so I can offer it as a service to my clients, so I’m looking for a needle in a haystack.

What I’m Looking For

I’m gradually looking at guest posting services and discussion results in the Warrior Forum, but there are so many people who lie about how good they are, or pretend not to be affiliated with the company they’re suggesting, it’s quite hard to find someone who is even as good as me.

I’m running two SEO campaigns at the moment, and they have been working, so I know that my approach does produce positive results, even if they are slow and steady.

The problem is, I either need to outsource the writing, (long, original, well written, 500 word articles), or I need to outsource the whole thing which is preferable.

Are You Able To Write And Submit Quality Guest Posts?

If you are looking for some work, I could maybe teach you what to do, so long as you can write in perfect English and have some experience with writing promotional and non-promotional articles.

It’s quite simple really, you do a Google search on your keyword, and try to get a link from every site on there one-way to your site, paying the website owner if necessary.

The other way is to add keywords like guest post to your search: “your keyword phrase” “guest post” together, and that will bring up all the results hopefully.

It’s a systematic process of finding out if a site allows guest posts, checking it’s page rank and authority score, (I reckon PR 2 or higher and a domain authority score of 20 or higher), contacting the owner, and writing and submitting the post, according to the guidelines.

It might be better to write the post before you contact them, remembering that nobody wants to publish ads or spam on their sites. It has to be good and have something to say.

Quality guest posts on quality, relevant sites seem to me to be the best way to produce quality back links these days, but at the same time, you might notice that your site actually goes backwards in rankings after publishing some guest posts, for no apparent reason, while it goes up for others with the same PR and authority.

There are so many different algorithms on Google, like they might have an optimum percentage for the amount of social media shares compared to back links from blogs.

Nobody really knows because Google doesn’t come right out and tell you what their algorithms are, but if you produce quality, and share and link in a natural looking way, publishing regularly on a good site that’s built well, you should rank well.

Get in contact with me if you’re interested in getting a job from me learning how to submit quality guest posts as back links for my clients, and my sites as well. It may pay quite well if the results are impressive. Probably somewhere around forty or fifty dollars a guest post, done using my methods.

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