How To Make Money From Your Facebook Page

On July 16, 2012, in Facebook, by Rowan
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This page will explain how to make money from your Facebook page, no matter what sort of page it is.How To Make Money From Your Facebook Page

If you have a page already with thousands of likes about your hobby, and you want to make money from it, or you have a business page advertising a product, and you want likes and traffic to it, I will explain how to do here.

Let me start by explaining how to monetize any Facebook page with your own ads. You can ad an app to your page called Just Redirect, which is easily found and installed by doing a Facebook search.

From this custom tab, you can redirect people to any URL. Try signing up to Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, or a pay per action network.

You can search for an affiliate product which is related to the topic of your page, or just one with a good commission.

Edit the tab name and photo, and you can make it look and say whatever you want. Some CPA companies pay you for a view on a page, but you mostly get paid a percentage of any sales made.

If you want to put Google Adsense on the content of a page tab, you can do that as well, by getting another app called Static HTML: iFrame Tabs.

This app allows you to directly add any HTML elements you want to a page tab, so you could embed a You Tube video, put in a Pay Pal button code, or get your Google Adsense code to put together on your custom tab.

A more complicated way to do it would be to use the Developers section to put any web page in an iFrame on a tab.

You can have your whole site or a mini site on a tab, and people can navigate through it without ever leaving Facebook, although it might be easier just to get them to click on a link leading to the site.

Make Money From Your Facebook Page

I can do all of these things for you, if you have no experience in coding and HTML, for as little as fifty dollars, and design the right solution for monetizing your Facebook page.

I can also help you get your Facebook page ranked highly in a Facebook and Google search, I can get you likes, shares, comments, or whatever you want, for a very affordable price.

That’s how to make money from your Facebook page, if you have any questions, get in contact. My email is in the sidebar.

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