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On November 28, 2012, in Facebook, by Rowan
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OK, so you want to make money from Facebook, or you just want to make money generally right?How to make money from Facebook

You probably aren’t looking to make a great deal, or at least not at first, depending on whether you are trying to make money as an owner of an already existing business, or as a beginner at making money online.

I’ll start with the beginner tactics first, and it mostly involves doing small tasks for people, such as getting them likes.

I myself am always looking for a good price on likes, but there is only one place I get them at the moment that I consider to be reliable, and all of the other ways to get them are most probably fake, or too expensive.

I get the likes from a large social swapping site with tens of thousands of members, and I get a lot of orders, so I’m constantly in need of reliable people who have a lot of points on that site.

I have one person who I’m outsourcing to at the moment, and I pay him five US dollars for a bit over 300 likes, which works out to be about 3,000 points on the site.

You can get that many points yourself quite easily, by watching You Tube videos, liking Facebook pages, following people on Twitter, viewing websites, following people on Pinterest, Instagram, Soundcloud, there’s a huge list of things that you can do to earn the points, and you just need to have accounts on those sites, preferably real ones.

I generally just watch the You Tube videos myself, click on the websites, and follow people on Twitter, but I don’t have the time to do that for hours, so I also buy points and use a lot of them when the guy I’m outsourcing to is busy, which is a lot of the time.

If you want to apply for a job selling me likes from your account, first thing to do is earn the points, and get at least 10,000, and take a screenshot of that, and send it to me, my email is in the sidebar.

Then, you could create a Fiverr gig, such as I will get you 300 real likes for $5, or also, I will get you 250 Google Plus followers for $5, etc, and I can order that one, so long as you can show me that it is coming from the social swapping site, as I don’t trust anything else, it’s all fake, and most of the likes disappear.

I will buy the Fiverr gig, and so long as you do a good job the first few times, I might suggest that I pay you via Pay Pal in larger amounts, for larger orders, which also means you don’t have to pay the 20% to Fiverr, although that can get you other gigs.

Just earn the points, get in contact, and that’s a job paying between five to ten US dollars an hour, and so long as you do it well, for a good price, that’s ongoing work, and I might want you to do other things as well, depending on your skill level, and the rates at which you work.

That’s the main reason I wrote this article, you can also earn a similar amount for doing tasks on Microworkers, and other micro job sites, where you post or like or share, or whatever, but they don’t give you that much work a day, and this is probably the best deal out there, short of spending thousands of hours making a site like mine.

Other Ways To Make Money From Facebook

This is getting to the reason why people buy likes and shares on Facebook, it’s where everyone is online most of the time.

Google likes Facebook pages that have lots of likes, and ranks them highly for the keyword phrase in the title, or at least for low competition searches.

If you manage to rank highly in a popular Facebook search, you can get a lot of traffic that way as well, and it all depends on what you’re selling, maybe an affiliate product, or your own product, but it has to have a high profit margin, and a good conversion rate in order to bother spending all that money.

Most people don’t make a profit from Facebook Ads, but then they may get seen by people who don’t click on the ads, and that could raise brand awareness of their car company or beer company or whatever, it takes a fair bit of skill and a high profit margin to make a profit through Facebook Ads.

I generally approach Facebook from the SEO side, or how large my list of friends and fans is. People say they found me in a search on “internet marketing” or “social media marketing” on Facebook, and that’s because I have a number of pages that are nice and active, with lots of likes.

If you want to talk to me about managing a Facebook campaign for you, or getting you likes, you can also get in contact with me via my email, it’s in the sidebar, or take a look at the buy Facebook page likes payment page.

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