How To Make A You Tube Video For Business

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Online Video Marketing

There are many different ways to make a great video that promotes your business, and also many ways to make a total lemon.

Most people who run a business don’t know how to run a video camera, use screenshot software, or make original music.

A regular person doesn’t have a recording studio in their garage, and so they need to outsource the work of making high quality videos to publish on their channel.

The other thing is, if it costs too much too get a professional video made, and the number of customers it brings in doesn’t make a return on investment, then the whole thing could be a waste of time.

Professional Social Promotion provides a video production service which can balance quality, and affordability, resulting in a video marketing campaign that produces actual results.

I make videos by putting together screenshots of photos, or video screenshots of things I find online.

I might use Google Images to find photos that look good and relevant, and then add some music, or hire a professional voiceover artist to do a nice smooth voiceover for it.

You can see the video I made above, I did that in a few hours, and with the help of a cheap voiceover lady.

I can make you something like that for about thirty dollars, give or take, and also promote it to all of my social connections.

I can get make you a You Tube video for your business that looks like a real ad, and inspires confidence in the buyer.

Business Video Production

Why should you hire me, and not a site that specializes only in making high quality videos?You Tube Video For Business

I make videos quickly, and for a lot less money than some other video production companies.

Where they might charge fifty to a hundred dollars, or even more, I can go as low as ten dollars, or even five if you just want volume.

The thing is, you have to balance the quality so that people will watch the video all the way through, with the quantity of videos, so that you can get found in lots of random searches, and appear next to a lot of other related videos.

The way I make videos is based on how I’ve learned to do it for myself over the last few years. I try to do for you what I would do if I had your product, and I wanted the best result for the time I spent on it.

You don’t want to make videos that nobody wants to watch, that’s going to kill you, but you also don’t want to spend too long on one particular video, as it’s not entirely guaranteed whether it will do well, whether people will like it, and if it will rank for a particular search.

The Google algorithms for You Tube videos are quite hard to work out. It’s basically meant to show the best and most popular videos first, and you can’t really change much to try to rank a video like you can with any other web page.

You can make back links to it, and that helps, and the social shares are something they take into account, but the bounce rate is something that you can’t really change that much, unless you get people on a hundred computers to watch your video all the way through, which is rather impossible to do.

So, you just need a good video that people want to watch, that advertises your product well enough to result in sales, and then you want lots of those videos, to capture many different keyword phrases on Google, and also You Tube.

I can help you with all of that stuff, so send me a message, my email is in the sidebar, and tell me about what you do, and what you might want me to do in a You Tube video I made for your business.


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