How To Make A Professional Facebook Page

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What I’m going to discuss in this blog post is what I believe is the right way to make a Facebook page, so that it looks professional and makes you money.
How to make a professional Facebook page
The first thing to do is get the title right, because if you get that wrong, you’re completely ruling out SEO as an option.

Facebook pages can rank on Google, and in a Facebook search, so if you haven’t given your page a keyword phrase title, make sure you do, even if it means making a new page, and do some keyword research first.

Doing Keyword Research For The Title

If you don’t know how to do keyword research, the easiest way is to check the Google Adwords keyword tool, but be sure to have the exact match box checked, and uncheck the broad match results.

You will want to find a keyword phrase that has at least a thousand exact match searches a month worldwide, and if there’s only one phrase that has that many, and it’s the same as your home page title, choose that, but remember that it may mean that your Facebook page beats your website in the search.

That’s what happened to me, my Facebook page is ranking higher than this site for affordable social media marketing services, but I like that because it proves that it can be done and that a Facebook page has powerful ranking potential.

That particular phrase doesn’t have a high exact match search volume, but social media marketing services has a huge search volume, and also has huge competition, and that page is ranking on the third page of that search too.

Get the title right so that if it ranks in a Facebook search you will get some search volume for that as well, and you can assume that those numbers will be approximately a hundred times less in monthly search volume.

That’s just an estimate based on nothing, as no figures exist on Facebook search volume, but people do search for lots of things on Facebook, and it’s easier to figure out how Edgerank works than the Google algorithms.

Add Some Apps To Your Page

Here’s an article which tells you about the best Facebook apps that I use all the time, but I’ll explain it briefly here as well.

You will want to add at least one app to the page, and what that means is an extra tab that does something interesting.

You can add Just Redirect to redirect people off that page and out of Facebook to any URL you want.

Static HTML: iFrame Tabs lets you put any sort of HTML code on the page, and it also has a like gate so that you can show something different once they like the page.

Contact Form is a good one that lets you add a simple contact form to any page you want. Just search for these things on Facebook, and you’ll find them, they’re free, although that last one, only the first page is free.

You can also use Pagemodo to design a custom tab, or you can ask me to design you a custom tab saying something, although I’m not a professional web design and coding expert, just an amateur who does many things.

Promoting Your Page

OK, so you’ve set up your page so that it looks nice, but there are no likes on it yet, and that doesn’t look good.

Luckily, I can get you Facebook likes, among other things, or you could also pay twenty times as much to do it through Facebook Ads.

I get likes from a large, popular social swapping site with tens of thousands of members, and I can get them for you for a small commission.

It’s the best and safest way to get real random likes, and the likes themselves help you to get more likes, for more than one reason.

For example, people are more likely to become your fan if they see that other people like the page, it looks more professional, especially if you’re claiming to be some sort of rock star.

Speaking of that, did you hear the news that apparently half of all of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers are fake, or bought?

It’s not unusual for people in show business to buy likes to appear more popular as nobody even believes that you are a real celebrity to start with if you don’t have at least 50,000 Twitter followers, and so they don’t follow you, or like your page.

The other thing is the benefit it has to the search engine ranking of the page. Your page will rank better on Google just by getting more likes, but you also want to combine that with good internal linking within Facebook, back links, and regular updates of quality content.

You can buy engagement figures like photo likes and post likes and comments, but obviously the goal is to get it so you have real engagement, so the thing to do if you have the money is everything I’ve mentioned on this page.

Send me a message to talk about your site, and how a social media marketing campaign run by me might work for you as an individual. My email is in the sidebar.




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