How To Improve Your Link Building Campaign

On October 8, 2013, in SEO, by Rowan
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Good SEO requires a good link building campaign as one component.

Guest post by Nesslyn Aquino

There have been many changes in the way Google looks at links with the recent updates, so it is important that we all know how to run an effective link building campaign.

Search engines are starting to punish those of us who used to use bad link building methods, such as spamming, and coming back from being punished can be a very long road.

So, to help you make sure you are running your link building campaign correctly, let’s take a look at 5 things you should know.

Keep the Websites Relevant

Your link should never be intentionally posted to a website that has nothing to do with your niche. This can be one of the worst ways to hurt your link building efforts.

Google knows when all you are trying to do is rank higher, and they are trying to avoid that way of thinking. So, when they see a link in an completely irrelevant spot that offers no value to viewers, they are not going to give you much “link juice”.

A lot of times they will even hurt your overall rankings for using this technique to many times. If you keep your link in natural places where readers could benefit from it, then you will be safe and you will see your rank being raised in no time.

Only Use Quality Websites

Bad websites or websites that have no authority should be avoided. These websites are looked at badly by search engines and will take down anyone associated with them.

When I say bad websites, I mean websites that are known for using black hat tactics, have horribly optimized sites, no traffic, and anything else that could be considered a waste of space.

You may run into some websites that will let you post your link all over the place without any requirement, but don’t do it! Stay away from the bait! Most websites that let anyone post their links everywhere are not highly ranked and will just take you down with them.

Use Proper Anchor Texts

It should be obvious, but using misleading anchor texts to get people to come to your site is highly frowned upon. Both Google and your readers will get upset by that tactic.

Your readers will no longer trust your website and could even give you bad reviews, while Google will lower your rankings.

It’s just a very bad tactic all together. The tactic used to be successful around 10-15 years ago, when unsuspecting viewers were not aware of the tactic and when search engines still couldn’t punish for using bad techniques. To use it nowadays though, will only end in your website failing.

Still Need to Focus on the Content

Most link building campaigns are focused around inserting links within content, then posting that content on other blogs and relevant websites. Like usual, quality content should always be the main focus, especially when guest posting on blogs.

You want the content that is surrounding your link to be as good as possible, to ensure that the readers will be more tempted to click it. Also, the higher quality the content, the better search engines will rank it, increasing the effectiveness of the link.

Build Relationships

When you are link building, it is a bad idea to just use people for a link and then never speak to them again. Instead, you should try and build an ongoing relationship with them to further your link building campaigns.

Search engines count different links that are posted to the same website, just as long as they are relevant and on different pages.

So having a relationship with multiple other people within your niche will open up new opportunities for you and also give you a bigger overall network. You never know when you might need some help in the future.

There are plenty of other tactics and strategies that can be used for an effective link building strategy, but these 5 tips should definitely help you get ranked much higher.

Just remember, the most important part of link building is making sure not to get punished by search engines for the links you put down. Keep your links legitimate!

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