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This blog post will explain how the average blogger can get traffic to their posts through different social media techniques.
Get traffic to your blog

I’ve been blogging and writing articles online for around four years now, and I’ve learned through reading and writing, and trying every single method that sounded like it was working for someone.

When using social media to get traffic to a blog, video, website, or page, there are two basic ways you can go about it.

One way is to try to find targeted friends and followers, such as by following those who share your interests on Twitter.

You could do a search on Facebook for people, pages, or groups that mention the keywords you are talking about.

This is very time consuming, and most people don’t have the patience to spend hours a day trying to build a targeted list of social connections.

It may be worth it, and it is one of the methods I use, but for the most part, I just get thousands of random friends and followers, and due to the subject matter of my blog, it appeals to the general demographic of random people.

Using Social Media To Get Blog Traffic

I’ve been doing this for years, and I am still getting a lot of traffic from the Twitter followers I get from Twiends.

I have tens of thousands of followers on my main account, and whenever I write a blog post, I tweet it out to all of them, and if it’s a catchy title, or the right time of day, I can get over a dozen unique views for a single tweet.

This adds up to hundreds of unique views a day if you keep tweeting different pages, and it is probably the number one source of traffic to this site, and my blog posts and articles generally.

It does require spending a lot of time adding the followers, and a lot of time tweeting, which is why I offer that as a service: buy cheap Twitter followers.

For a very low price, I log into Twiends for people, and click the button, and I also un-follow those not following back using Tweepi.

This is best done in combination with a Twiends seeds package, as that works a lot faster, but it saves you money to follow people as well.

Apart from tweeting, I probably get the most traffic after that from Linked In groups. I am a member of about a dozen different groups with thousands of people in them, and if I have something really worthwhile, I share it with all of them.

I can get a lot of traffic from Stumble Upon, but I find that if I’m trying to rank a page on Google, I don’t use it much, due to the bounce rate caused by my followers quickly viewing and voting up my pages. This can be good for getting viral traffic.

I sometimes get some traffic from Facebook, by sharing with my friends, in relevant groups, and on my Facebook pages.

I get some traffic from You Tube, although I would probably say that Yahoo Answers works better than both of those sites if you find a targeted question to answer with a link to your post.

Learn how to use the search features on all of these sites, and learn the different ways to get ahead, and the pitfalls.

For example, on You Tube, you don’t want to just buy tons of random views or likes, as the bounce rate is very important for rankings of your videos.

Finally, I get a small percentage of the traffic to my site from Google, and from other articles and blog posts that are ranking on Google.

I find that it’s just as easy to try to rank a video, or a Yahoo Answers question, as it is to rank an article, and in some cases, it takes less time and effort.

Still, Google is a very important thing to think about for the long term traffic to your blog posts, and one of the things that plays an important role in SEO since Panda is a link profile containing a lot of social media back links.

To find out more about how to get traffic to your blog, and to talk to me about the social media marketing services I offer, send me a message. My email is in the sidebar.

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