How To Get More Website Visitors Easily

On June 22, 2012, in Traffic, by Rowan
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This post will explain how to easily get more visitors to your website, using all the methods I’ve discovered.

Many people focus on Google, and while this can be a good long term strategy if it works, Google is always changing their algorithms, so your SEO could work one month, and be completely useless the next.How To Get More Website Visitors Easily

For example, they might decide to penalize sites that have a lot of unnatural looking back links, when a few years ago, that was exactly how you got to the top of the search results.

I’ve personally given up on Google, except to update my site with fresh original content, with a fairly specific title, although as you may be able to tell, I probably can’t compete for the title of this post.

I get most of my traffic from social media, in a number of different ways. I’ve gotten the most traffic to this site from Twitter, as I have over twenty two thousand followers on my main account Follower Crazy.

I can help you get this many Twitter followers for a few hundred dollars, although it personally took me well over a year to get that many, as I didn’t spend much money on it.

I get some traffic from Facebook, but I would say my next largest source of visitors to this website is from Linked In groups. I just join groups which have a lot of members and are relevant to what I’m writing, and post to them. I can also help you with this as well, or do pretty much anything you want me to do.

I’m a social media marketing manager, and I can help you get your own social connections, share your site with mine, or post tweets or wall posts for you.

I’ve recently found a good way to get traffic from Stumble Upon, which has been a great source of random traffic for me. I share a blog post with widespread appeal to my followers, perhaps something off my video blog Video Mobster, and I have a banner ad for this site on the page.

My most successful stumble got about twenty five thousand views, and it was from this site. It was a six foot centipede fighting a snake, and it was called World’s Largest Insect, or something like that.

I’ve recently started on Google Plus and You Tube, and I find these to be effective, but I can’t say for sure if they work as well as the other sites, as I haven’t spent as much time on them.

Pay per click advertising can be very effective at getting you website visitors quickly, and I can help you work out a way to run a profitable PPC campaign as well, although you do have to have a large profit margin and a page with a good conversion rate in order to even try that.

Anyway, send me a message at [email protected] with a link to your site, and tell me a bit about how you plan to make money, and I’ll tell you the best way to get more website visitors, and hopefully make you a profit.


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