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Get more likes from Facebook AdsI think of myself as a fairly competent social media marketing expert, but until recently, I hadn’t spent that much time using Facebook Ads.

The reason why I hadn’t used it was that it seemed to be too expensive for the results it produced, and I found it more worth my while to spend my time getting random Twitter followers at fifty times less per one from a site like Twiends.

That basically is what I did, and it worked well for me, but I’m starting to think that I might be missing out by not using Facebook Ads, and even though it’s a fairly hefty expense to pay ten dollars a day, I’m starting an ongoing campaign to see where it takes me.

The problem I always had in the past is that I could see the money going, but I couldn’t see it coming back in. There was no immediate return from getting clicks and likes, but after talking to a few other social media experts on the Warrior Forum, I’ve realized that you need to build a relationship with a large group of targeted fans for it to work, and it does take time, and money.

I can definitely see the value of having a large social list of followers from how well my Twitter followers work for me, (by the way, that’s one of the services I offer on this site, getting people Twitter followers, if you need help with that, check out the home page for a list of services in the sidebar).

The Page I’m Running The Facebook Ads Campaign On

The page I’ve made specifically to test out my Facebook Ads like campaign is called internet marketing strategies, because that’s a big keyword phrase with a large exact match search volume, and I’m hoping it ranks on Google as well.

I haven’t made that many back links and cross links to it yet, but to make a comparison, my other pages, (which I’ve built up with random likes from social swapping sites), are mostly ranking on the first page of Google for their respective titles, for example affordable social media marketing services.

That page is doing so well that it was on the fifth page of a Google search on social media marketing services last time I checked, and that’s a big achievement in terms of ranking power, because there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of sites competing for that search.

I do have a link to that page from the home page of this site, and from my many blogs and articles all over the place, so I have put in a fair amount of effort into ranking my Facebook pages on Google, as that is my strategy. Search engine optimization for Facebook pages, and that’s why Facebook Ads is something a little different for me, even if I have used it before.

So I have a hope that if I do the right things, it will compete on Google for the phrase, and I also have a hope that at some point buying the likes will pay off in the extra traffic that posts to the page bring to my site.

From what that guy told me on the Warrior Forum, I can expect to see it pay off in a few months, so long as I do the right things and engage my fans in the right way.

Hopefully I got the targeting features right, and small business owners or people who have that written down on their profiles are the people I want to target, but even if they’re not the exact right people, they do have a business, and are interested in internet marketing, and I can use that.

I’m an internet marketing expert with five years experience, and I can help you with anything you’re doing online, so get in touch with me to talk about your site, and how to improve it, or get more customers, my email is in the sidebar.


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