How To Get Fake Likes On Facebook

On December 20, 2012, in Facebook, by Rowan
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How To Get Fake Likes On Facebook

Fake likes are quite easy to get, just go to anyone selling them for a good price, or a price that is too good to be true.

Most people who sell likes at a bargain basement price sell fake likes, which are computer generated accounts, which now have to be updated with special software that posts for them automatically so they look real, or otherwise Facebook just makes those likes disappear.

There is a difference between real targeted likes, random likes, and fake likes, and it makes all the difference in the world depending on what you want the likes for.

I sell likes on my site, and by default, I sell random likes, which are real people, liking your Facebook page with their real account, through a social swapping site.

If there are people who simply create accounts to earn points on that site, (and there are some), Facebook simply makes those likes disappear, and you do lose about 10% of the likes, straight away.

What is left is real random likes, from active accounts, who are most probably looking at their Facebook dashboards while talking to their friends, and who will actually see what you post on the wall of your page.

Compare that to a computer generated account, someone who is not a person at all, and you will see why random likes are better than fake likes.

I can get you fake likes if you want, I just buy them from a reliable dealer I know, and you couldn’t tell the difference, they stick, and look like real people.

What you will find though is that a lot of the software for getting likes is outdated, because Facebook updated their algorithms to try to stop fake likes from being put on pages, so it has to be advanced enough to fool them, by having a proper photo, having friends, posting daily, and there is good software that can do that.

The difference between the cost of buying fake likes and buying real random ones is not enough that you would bother getting the fake ones, unless you simply wanted to show large numbers for social proof, or if you were selling likes.

Why You Should Buy Likes Through Me

I consider myself to be a reputable dealer, and if you are interested in buying likes, I can show a screenshot of my dashboard to show what I did to get them, and get you real likes if you prefer, which most people do. If you want likes as a reseller, I can get you a good price, and take a small commission.

I’m not going to mention the name of the social swapping site that I get the likes off, because you could just go there and cut out my small commission, but I only make a very small profit margin from buying the largest amount of points, and also clicking the button to follow people on Twitter, like their Facebook posts, subscribe to their You Tube channels, etc.

Basically, if you want fake likes, I can get you fake likes, at a better price than the prices stated on the Facebook page likes payment page, but I mostly sell real likes, which are better, because they’re real.

I personally prefer Twitter followers, and Twiends is a great site for getting them off. Again, I log in and click the button, maybe buy some points, and handle the process of unfollowing those not following back, and all of that.

I’m a social media marketing manager, and internet marketing expert, and I can pretty much get anything anyone wants at a pretty good price, whether you want fake likes, real likes, followers, views, subscribers, Pinterest, Instagram, I’m running a successful SEO campaign, I make quality You Tube videos, basically anything and everything.

My email is in the sidebar if you want to get some advice on the best way to spend your money through my services.

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