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There are companies that mistakenly believe a good website is all they need for good online marketing. In order for the website to serve its purpose, people have to visit it.

Companies that choose only to promote their website on business cards, emails, and direct mail pieces will only receive traffic from prospects with whom they are already in contact. The goal of a good website is to broaden the lead funnel, not simply maintain it.

For online businesses, the goal is to make sales, but those sales will never happen without visitors to the site. To drive more traffic to your website, there are three simple tactics you can implement.

Guest Blog Posts

Google now offers a blog search. Type in a word closely related to your industry or the services you provide as you usually would. When the results page appears, there is a column on the left side of the page that provides more specified search options. Click blogs. This will produce a list of blogs or posts associated with the word or phrase you searched.

How does that help you? Two ways: comments and guest blog posts. To start with, you may decide to join the discussion on an industry-related blog by offering your expertise in the comments section. When you do so, be sure to include a link back to your company website. If there is a specific page on your website that more closely relates to the specific discussion than others, link to that instead of just the homepage.

An even more effective way to use the blogs you discovered on your search is to ask the owner of the blog if you could write a guest blog post. Many bloggers welcome guest blogs as it provides new content for their site without much effort on their part.

You offer the content for free and include a link back to your company’s website. Doing so broadens the lead funnel to an entirely new group of people, those who read that particular blog.

Social Media

Just because your company has a Facebook page, Twitter name, or Instagram account does not mean it is effectively bringing traffic to your site. Prospects are more likely to find your website via social media if those accounts are used regularly and properly. Inactive accounts serve no purpose on the internet.

One precaution to take when using social media for business purposes is to not over-promote. Followers grow weary of endless commercials, giving reason to why television advertising is less effective than it once was. Use the accounts to discuss news in the industry, tips for succeeding in business, or the occasional entertaining video to provide comic relief during the workday.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When a potential client does an internet search looking for products or services you provide, you want your company to show up on the first page of results. Most people don’t browse beyond that. In order to get traffic from organic searches such as these, your website needs search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is the current marketing battleground. Companies vie for top rankings by incorporating keywords into content on their websites. While a certain number of appropriately placed keywords are important for search results, equally, if not more, important is the frequency with which the website is updated.

Every page of your website may have the appropriate keywords, but if the site hasn’t been updated in the past year, the search engines view it as irrelevant. Adding content to your site on a daily basis will make a big difference.

If you were to write 20 articles and upload them in one weekend, the new content might boost your ranking but only for a couple of days. Assuming your rank would remain for months without additional content being uploaded to your site would be a mistake.

There are entire books written about this topic and entire companies devoted to helping site owners get more traffic. These tips will just give you a head start.

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