How Do You Make Money From Amazon?

On March 20, 2014, in Marketing, by Rowan
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How to make money as an Amazon sellerAmazon is the largest online retail site in the world. Some of the products are only sold to customers in certain countries, but in the future, it’s bound to be a worldwide site, or have regional sites all over the world.

There are basically two ways to make money from the site, you can be an affiliate, or a seller. I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for many years now, but only made a tiny amount.

The results were so disappointing, I moved in other directions, so I can’t say I totally gave it a proper chance, but recently I’ve started making affiliate sites again, and had some results.

The most I ever made from Amazon so far was sixty dollars in a month, and that’s not too bad, it shows that making good money is possible.

However, the amount of people who make large amounts of money as an Amazon affiliate is quite small compared to those on the other side of the sale, the sellers.

Making Money As An Amazon Seller

My friend is getting into this business, he buys cheap products from China, puts his own brand on them and sends them to Amazon through their fulfilment by Amazon program.

The key thing is how he chooses which products to sell, and what price to put on them. He looks for best selling products with low competition, with the aim of making a sales page that will easily rank in a popular Amazon search, and sell a better product than the competitor, or offer it for a better price.

The Amazon search engine is fairly easy to manipulate, it’s based on keywords, sales, reviews, and back links, and unlike Google, they don’t punish you for low quality links.

Of course, if you want your sales page to rank on Google for a phrase, you want to be careful to build quality links, or build a site or social media page that leads to the Amazon sales page.

How Much Can You Make?

My friend’s dad is doing it as well, and he’s further along because he had more money to invest in buying the products in bulk and sending them in to Amazon.

He chose a pocket knife, with many different utensils, and sold it for around twenty dollars, with a profit margin of about ten.

Because it did well in an Amazon search on pocket knives, he started making a hundred dollars a day from one product in less than six months.

It’s easy to see the potential of being a seller, if you have the money to set it up in the first place.

It takes skill, and those results may not happen for everyone, but the thing about Amazon is that if you’re somewhere on the first, second, or third pages of a popular search, people will browse through and buy your product over time, without you having to do anything.

That means that as a long term investment, it can’t be beaten, it’s almost a sure thing, as long as you do your homework on what to sell, and how to sell it.

How To Get Started

In order to get the first round of customers, and some positive reviews, you have to spend some money on advertising, social media marking, making You Tube videos, perhaps a website and SEO.

I can help you do all of those things, as that’s what I specialize in. Usually what I do for my clients is make them a Facebook page, run a managed Facebook Ads campaign, and build quality back links to it from articles and guest posts.

I can make basic You Tube videos, websites, make content, or whatever you need to get those buyers, and once you get the first reviews, people are more likely to buy, and you do better in the search.

There are billions of dollars a year worth of sales going through the Amazon site, and obviously, most of the money is being made by the sellers.

If you’re interested in working with me on this, or anything else to do with internet marketing, send me an email at [email protected].

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