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Social media companyI’ve been in the social media business for about three years now, after learning the ropes for many years before that as a blogger and article writer.

I’ve found that the whole social media industry has a bad name, or at least fan dealers generally get given a bad name, and there are reasons why, but there are also two sides to any story.

To start with, there are only a certain number of ways you can promote a social media account, and I will go over what these are so that you have an idea of what you can expect a social media marketing company to do for you.

Advertising On Social Media

If you have a big budget, or even if you don’t, you might want to try an advertising campaign on Facebook Ads, or other big sites to get likes, customers or opt-ins.

The first thing you need to understand is that it’s not as easy as it first seems. There are so many different targeting options and ways of wording an ad.

There are so many things like the click through rate and the Edgerank or the engagement activity happening on the page that can completely change the outcome of a campaign.

If you don’t have a good profit margin, or you don’t have a good call to action, or you aren’t targeting the right countries or age groups or interests, you will probably lose money, so that’s why it’s a good idea to hire someone to manage it for you.

If you have a large budget, and can afford to pay me a few hundred a month, or a week, I can handle managing a Facebook Ads campaign for you, or a Stumble Upon Ads campaign, a Plenty Of Fish campaign, a Digg Ads or Linked In Ads campaign, I’ve tried them all out before, and know how they work.

Again, using paid advertising can be very expensive, SEO is slow to work on social media numbers, and that’s why a lot of people turn to cheaper options, such as buying random likes and followers.

Random Likes And Followers

Here’s my basic explanation of why you want to get random likes and followers. The first reason is that nobody wants to like your page or follow your Twitter account if nobody else is.

Nobody wants to share a You Tube video if it’s had 5 views. There’s just a sub-conscious or fully conscious decision making process that people make based on the social proof of your social media accounts.

They may not even believe you are a celebrity or a big shot if you don’t have tens of thousands of likes or followers.

The numbers also help your Facebook page or Twitter profile to compete on Google for the keyword phrase in the title.

Yeah that’s right, try googling “God” and tell me how many Facebook or Twitter pages or profiles you find in the first ten pages of results.

It is the easiest way to rank a page on Google. Let me say that again, you can rank for any phrase you want with a social media page if you have enough likes or followers, in combination with a few decent back links and the regular things Google looks for.

I can get you random likes and followers by the tens of thousands, in fact that’s the main thing I do on this site, and I am upfront and honest about how I do it, I get the likes from a social swapping site, where real people earn points to like each other’s pages and those points are worth the same for them. Simple.

Fake Likes And Followers

I offer the best price that I can possibly do for likes and followers from social swapping sites. Any fan dealer or social media company that offers a better price has some sort of scam going.

If they are honest, they will tell you some of the time that the likes are fake, computer generated accounts liking your page.

Facebook has algorithms that are constantly being updated to try to strip all of these fake accounts and likes from Facebook.

For example, if the person has very few friends and don’t update their page every day, or if their updates are based on a pattern like every day at 5 AM a You Tube video is posted, then they will figure it out, and the likes will disappear.

On Twitter, they will likely suspend your account permanently if they find out you purchased fake followers.

Basically, this is the whole reason why the social media industry of fan dealers has a bad name, because they lie to people and say they can produce “laser targeted fans” and then they just buy them in bulk from an Indian company and even if they don’t drop off straight away, they are completely useless for anything other than social proof.

If you know what you’re getting, and you have a reason to buy tons of fake likes for a good price, this can be beneficial in some ways, but only if you get them for a hundred times less, like 0.04 cents as compared to the four cents I sell likes for.


Anyway, there are various softwares that you can use that supposedly get you real results, but if you don’t know what to look for, it’s very likely you will get scammed and lose money if you don’t buy your social media marketing services here on this site, through me.

My email is in the sidebar, [email protected] and I don’t just do social media, but I can advise you on SEO, pay per click advertising, website building, and email marketing, so get in touch and ask me how I can help you with your business.

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