How Do You Get Traffic From Twitter?

On June 3, 2012, in Twitter, by Rowan
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There are many different ways to use Twitter, but it basically breaks down to two main ways involving targeted, and un-targeted followers and tweets.

If you want to get targeted Twitter followers, it’s a painstaking process of following people that seem to be interested in the subject matter you are, and hoping they follow you back. How To Get Traffic From Twitter

You might include your Twitter profile link on your website, and hope that people follow you from there, but if you aren’t getting a lot of traffic from Google for the blog posts, that won’t help much.

Then, you tweet about something that might interest those people, and hope they click on the links. I tried this approach very briefly, and found it to be ineffective for the amount of time it took to do.

My niche just happens to be social media marketing, internet marketing and SEO, and all of the things associated with websites and computers, so I found it very easy to get random followers who were actually targeted to what I was tweeting about on sites like Twiends.

This is because everyone on that site is trying to promote something online, usually a website, and because I can get Twitter followers for people, (for four or five cents each), through Twiends, I am actually targeting the exact audience I want to target by getting random followers from there.

I also get Twitter followers from other similar social swapping sites with hundreds of thousands of members, where I can also get Facebook page likes, Google Plus followers, You Tube views, Pinterest followers, Digg followers, subscribers, hits, and more.

Why You Should Buy My Twitter Services

I offer my services for about half the price of what it would cost to buy the amount of points on those sites needed to get the same amount of followers or likes, and I can pretty much get you anything you want for a reasonable price.

Getting back to how you get traffic from Twitter. Twitter has been my main source of traffic to this site, and I can get hundreds of unique views a day by tweeting often through the day at different times, and by tweeting messages that have a widespread appeal to the demographic of my followers.

For example, I might tweet: get cheap Twitter followers or Facebook page likes, and then the link to the payment page or the home page of this site.

I have about thirty thousand followers on my largest account, so I can get at least a few clicks on almost anything I tweet, particularly if it has to do with internet marketing, although it works with any subject with a widespread appeal.

I generally try to write informative articles that suit the demographic and would interest them, like helpful articles that teach you how to do something useful, that makes you money.

Getting traffic from Twitter does make you money, and it’s made me a lot more than I’ve spent on it over the years, as every time I tweet, that’s a potential new customer clicking on the link.

If you would like to talk to me about getting you some cheap followers or likes, or about managing your social media marketing campaign, or anything to do with internet marketing, send me a message at [email protected] and I’m sure I can help.

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